Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friends. Right.

I went ahead and posted a real nice introduction and welcome for my ex the other day and what happened?
All of a sudden, y'all turned on me and packed up with her, everybody except Yolo, that is.
But between Deb (who is vicious anyways) and Bella (who I'm afraid of) and !what the fuck! Tattoo Jim of all people (fucking traitor) I'm afraid to post Okie shit, titties and anything about future ex or second or whatever wives.
Yolo, I love you. Why won't you marry me and live where it's warm and weed is semi legal?


Deb said...

Aw, did you get your wittle feelings huwt?

Suck it up, Wirecutdter. If we didn't love you too we wouldn't be here.

I knew you'd be going all sensitive on us.

PS - We've already exchanged e-mails, recipes and how to excel composition in dead bodies.

rick said...

Ken, I am deeply hurt- I always have your back! said...

JFC Ken, don't you understand? There isn't a politically correct bone in your body. You are an umpire in life, you call 'em like you see 'em. That's why I respect you cause you see the same things I do and boy, let me tell you, I have hurt some feelings (ain't it sad?). But look on the bright side, at least all your ex-friends didn't hear you callin anybody in particular shit like "prairie nigger" or anything. What is their problem? Fuckin hand em a cryin towel and tell em to get lost...

YOLO said...

Babe, i was all set to come to the land of sun and weed till i read "I need a used oil filter, turpentine and vaseline. " ....:)))

Niki said...

Nobody left ya. Where else can we get the other side of life? and lots of laughs?

Tattoo Jim said...

What can I say Ken? I've got to stick with my people... but the moment you stop posting titties and okie shit, I'm fucking out of here!! And, one more thing.... Fuck You Obama!

Bella said...

Are you whining???

Skip said...

What the fuck?
We are your crew holmes.
Just cuz some of us don't comment don't mean we ain't got yer 6.