Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I'm devastated

Fuck me running, I lost a follower on my blog today.
Nothing unusual about that - anytime I post something controversial or post my opinion about world happenings I pick up or lose followers. But I had been holding steady for about 3 weeks now, at least until this Egypt shit started.
I don't know if I lost the follower (hereby referred to as Quitter) because of my anti Muslim Brotherhood opinions, my support for Israel or just because all this shit bores Quitter.
CharlieGodammit is try to eat a doggie treat and chew on his rawhide bone at the same time, the greedy fuck.
But anyways, regardless of the title of this post, I could give a fuck less if I have one more or less follower. I have my views and I express them. And I'm grateful for the solid reader base that I do have. Y'all kick ass.
Fuck Obama.