Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Yeah. No shit.

Hey, pull my redneck card if you want but I actually kinda sorta admire Snoop. I don't listen to rap and I've never heard any of his stuff, but he seems like a straight-up motherfucker with a righteous attitude.
I seriously wouldn't mind burning a fattie or two with him even though I ain't into that anymore.
I'm sorry.......

Thanks to Niki.


da_truth36 said...

I saw this a long, long time ago, but for some reason it popped into my head right before we went out to eat earlier. Just got home and it's on your blog. You reading my mind or did Sarah issue one of those "dog whistle" statements and this is what our violent racist teabagger mentalities came up with?

wirecutter said...

Nah, we just think alike.
Again, no apologies about my thoughts on Dogg.
He'd be a Good Ol' Boy if he was white.

Frankenstein Government said...

Linked ya on my site. I read the piece on losing blog followers. I've only lost one...a complete moonbat with thin skin. Perhaps she will mature some day...hard for a spoiled brat that hasn't worked a day in her life. From Berkeley. Not puzzling. No loss.

Dave said...

You should take a listen to The Gourds doing a bluegrass cover of Snoop's song Gin and Juice. Classic.