Saturday, March 19, 2011

I bet Libya is all freaked out

Wary of the cease-fire, Britain and France took the lead in plans to enforce a no-fly zone, sending British warplanes to the Mediterranean and announcing a crisis summit in Paris with the U.N. and Arab allies. In Washington, President Barack Obama ruled out the use of American ground troops but warned that the U.S., which has an array of naval and air forces in the region, would join in military action.


It's pretty fucking sad when France, the Queen of Surrender, takes the lead in this shit while the United States lays back and watches.

Obama, I cannot believe what you've done to our Nation.
You fucking Pussy....

We once sailed the oceans without fear, we were the guardians of the oppressed. We apologized to no motherfuckers and we damned sure bowed to no one.
You've changed that in 3 short years.
You're so godammned afraid of offending your muslim brothers that we as a nation have embraced our enemies of 9/11. YOU have kissed their fucking asses......

I cannot believe to this day that you actually bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia. Not only did you show submission to that muslim, but you also let the world know that you approved of the attack on our Nation.
You should be tried for treason.