Sunday, March 06, 2011

See? Not all Californians are hopeless!

I am surprised that this was in Southern California although you can tell Yorba Linda is a blue collar city.
Not exactly Hollywood or Malibu, you know?


drjim said...

John Force, the NHRA Funny Car guy, is from Yorba Linda.
He has quite a nice museum there, too.

wirecutter said...

His main shop is there, isn't it? Does he still run a racing workshop for kids there?

drjim said...

Yeah, he still runs the shop out of Yorba Linda.
Didn't know he did a workshop for kids, but it sounds like something he'd do. He's one of the few top drivers that remembers his 'roots', and is always willing to talk to his fans in the pits. He autographed my son's T-shirt one year at the NHRA World Finals in between rounds! You can't even *see* most of the other drivers between rounds, but he was out there shaking hands and letting people pose with him for pictures.