Saturday, March 19, 2011

Was that a cow that just flew past?

Man, it's been raining and windier than a motherfucker here all damn day and other than a quick trip to hardware store I've been cooped up in this house with CharlieGodammit and I'm not sure who's driving who crazier.
All I know is he's laying in his corner growling at me whenever I move towards him.

Let me tell you how windy it is - I've got a homemade gambril for skinning coyotes hanging off the eaves of my garage. It's made out of some flat steel stock and a couple of dog choker chains, probably weighs 2-3 pounds or more. When I looked at it a few minutes ago it was fucking horizontal.
It's so windy that it's driving the rain under the crack of the doors.
And it's supposed to get worse around midnight.