Saturday, March 19, 2011

Was that a cow that just flew past?

Man, it's been raining and windier than a motherfucker here all damn day and other than a quick trip to hardware store I've been cooped up in this house with CharlieGodammit and I'm not sure who's driving who crazier.
All I know is he's laying in his corner growling at me whenever I move towards him.

Let me tell you how windy it is - I've got a homemade gambril for skinning coyotes hanging off the eaves of my garage. It's made out of some flat steel stock and a couple of dog choker chains, probably weighs 2-3 pounds or more. When I looked at it a few minutes ago it was fucking horizontal.
It's so windy that it's driving the rain under the crack of the doors.
And it's supposed to get worse around midnight.


drjim said...

We had some drizzle down here about 5am. We're supposed to get the shit that's hammering you starting Sunday evening, and going through Monday

wirecutter said...

You might want to make sure everything is tied down tomorrow if you're expecting heavy winds like we have up here.
Our winds here are 30-40 mph sustained and gust to about 60. Not only that but it's a COLD wind.

drjim said...

We're pretty well "battened down" here. The only thing I've had to do recently was to tie down the plastic panels on the patio roof. They're just some cheap plastic, and weren't screwed down very well, so I got some self-drilling screws, and zapped down so they wouldn't bounce up and down.
Scared the shit out of me the first time I heard em flappin in the breeze!

dhanna59 said...

You guys would've loved Hurricane RITA 22 SEP 05 then....I can't ever forget the stupid cunt next door asking me if I thought the power was gonna go out...