Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bombs and shit.

One of the unexpected and much appreciated benefits of my blog is the gifts my readers send me.
All I have to do is mention my needs and I have a friend kicking it to me, generally free of charge as well as shipping and shit.
I've gotten free clothing, free (legal) weapons.
Free militay gear.
One of the best deals was from D, who cleaned all his excess TA-50 from his attic and kicked it down to me.
Seriously, several hundred bucks worth of gear.

Okay. As long as I need shit and you're willing to kick down?
Det cord. Lots and lots of lime green electrically fired det cord.
Electical blasting caps.
Smoke. I got a recipe but military smoke kicks ass.


dhanna59 said...

Kenny, Kenny, don't you know that the DHS, BATF, FBI, etc are reading this at the same time you are? You been on the FED radar screen for a while...(a lot of guys laffin their ass off!!). That Damn KENNY LANE, Domestic Terrorist and such... ever since he got out of the Army and went rogue... Strategic Microwave Satellite Systems Specialist...been tryin to get the PRNK to fly a nuke...

wirecutter said...

Damn, you even know my old MOS.....
I love you, man.
Yeah, I know the Feds got me in their sights and that was the reason for my last bullshit post. I know I woke a lot of fuckers up.

I can't even post on my own blog from my house, it's all about writing on MS Office and C-N-Ping from another location and ISP.
I can't imagine what what I said or did that would warrant such actions, the fucking nigger feds.

dhanna59 said...

Kenny, Kenny, come back to us, our son. Profess to dissavow the ownership of any FIREARM for any AMERICAN, and you will be obsolved of all the transgressions you have been found quilty of. Since your OCCUPATION of the State of CALIFORNIA without a FEDERAL FIREARMS WEAPONS PERMIT,You will travel to the nearest Law Enforcement Facility and turn yourself over and all other personally owned weopons with all ammunition in to authorities.

wirecutter said...

Yes, I know I haved sinned and must confess to Father Obamessiah.
I apologize to the Head Nigger....

Tattoo Jim said...

Ah Kenny... there's a special place in heaven just for you!!! It has all the det cord your ass could ever want and targets with "you know who's" picture on them from 5 yards to 1000 yards away with any weapon your little heart desires... that and so much more... like bacon!!!!!!!!!

Stretch said...

Det cord: the poor man's plastic explosive.