Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My hatin' post.

Sumbitch, I didn't mean to start a bunch of shit here, I was just half drunk and CGD got tired of me chuckin' beer cans at him and hid in the bedroom and I needed something to get Bushwack off my ass.
But really, I got a shitload of postive comments from some good ol 'mericans here and even from some that have never commented before.
I only got one shitty comment (and I think he/she was fucking with me) about being a California boy fucking with Okies. Two things here, Damned near everybody in the Central Valley that ain't brown is from Okie stock and everybody fucks with Okies. Seriously - remember the Pollack jokes in the 70s? Substitute Okies.... If you weren't kidding, kiss my White Okie ass, motherfucker.
I did get several fucked up emails and a couple of death threats but that's about par for the course. That's what I get for not being a pussy and making my primary email address public. I'm going to have to start saving that shit and posting it for you, huh?
I will say though that not of my emails were critical - I got several that were supportive and nice.
But hey, thanks for the comments and the encouragement.
You fuckers rock.


Skip said...

Would love to bust some caps or chuck a lure with ya sometime.
With a lil taste of Maker's Mark we could prolly solve the worlds problems, or come up with a firing solution on THNIC.

BrianS said...

I don't comment often but I make a daily read and laugh, once in a while I will see an opening and jump in, and I appreciate how difficult it is to write a blog. I give KUDOS, and look forward to commenting more often.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Kenny. I miss my days in good ol Owasso, OK. Best days of my life being an Okie.

Deb said...

Can a transplant from Massachusetts to Maine be an Okie even if she only owns a BB gun and a pellet gun and drinks cheap wine?

dhanna59 said...

Are you going to answer Deb? If not, can I have dibs?

wirecutter said...

No. Deb's mine if she ever decides to dump Mr Man.
I love her and her dog, Nutjob.
Fuck off, Derek.

dhanna59 said...

No Thanks Wirecutter, I'm try'in to quit...Sorry DEB, I just thought yo were a girl with a gun...

Deb said...

TWO guns, dhanna59, and don't you forget it!

Damn, I always get the warm fuzzies when I read this blog.