Monday, April 04, 2011

Steve and his 9 pounds of fury

And having owned furious dogs myself, I know yours would give CGD a run for his money.
Thanks for the picture and the grin, man.

An update: I posted this picture and my remark before I read my comments. Below is the comments that Steve sent me on my "Coyote Bounty" in Minnesota post a few days ago.


"Bourgeault thinks coyotes are harmless and would rather not confront anything."
Especially when it's not your Pet.
My dog was killed by a coyote 10 miles south of Saint Paul MN and may be the one refered to in the story.
DNR said we should learn to coexist with the coyote. Bullshit.
I loved that dog and coyotes have no reason to live. Give me one redeeming quality of the coyote (fur coats excluded).
Rep Bourgeault would call out the national guard if that coyote took a beeline for his dog and ripped it up.

Chico 6-1-2003 6-7-2010 RIP
9 lbs of ferocious and my best friend.

Fuck Obama..............


Yeah, I would feel the same way if it was my dog that was killed. My sympathies to you, Steve.
And as I said in my comments to that post, I'll remember Chico when I pop my next coyote.
Fuck Obama.............