Sunday, April 10, 2011

Woo-hoo! Party on!!!

Toddler Rushed to Hospital After Reportedly Being Served Alcohol at Applebee's

A 15-month-old boy was rushed to a hospital after he was accidentally served alcohol in a kids' meal at a Michigan Applebee’s, reports.
Taylor Dill-Reese, the boy’s mother, said her son started acting strangely Friday at the Madison Heights restaurant after drinking from his sippy cup what she thought was apple juice. When Dill-Reese tasted the drink, it turns out it was margarita mix, according to
The boy was taken to the hospital, where he was examined by doctors. The family later learned the boy’s alcohol level was .10 – over the legal limit for an adult driver. The boy was later checked out of the hospital.
"Nobody at the table ordered alcoholic drinks," Dill-Reese told the station. "So, he definitely shouldn't have received one."


Hmmmm, noisy kid and a harried waitress.
Accident? I think not.....

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Bella said...

They serve sippy cups in a restaurant? Booze in a sippy cup??? Where could the problem be? That poor child. I hope all is well with the baby. It takes me 3 beers to get to .10 (don't ask) and a 15 month old child to show this is incredible.