Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Come on, Summer!

It's 58 motherfucking degrees and raining in the middle of May here in Sunny Kalifornia and it's starting to piss me the fuck off.
You have to understand that the high point of my year is when my beloved Sonora Pass opens. The day that it opens to traffic is traditionally Mothers' Day (poor Mom) and I have been known to be waiting at the gates at Kennedy Meadows when Ranger Bob shows up to unlock the snow gates. If it happens to open on a weekday, that's an automatic sick day for me. Fuck work, I got better things to do.
This year, the Sierras got a whopping 199% of the normal snowpack, so I knew the opening would be delayed by a couple of weeks. I can deal with - I'm not fucking thrilled, but I can deal with it.
But with this cold front passing from west to east and rain here in the valley, it got put off even longer.
Yeah, I can travel easier routes to get to Eastern California - I-80 over Donner Pass and Hwy 88 over Ebbits Pass - but dammit, 108 over Sonora Pass is my stomping grounds. Less traffic and better scenery, you know? Right after it opens you can go from Kennedy Meadows to the 395 Junction and not see another fucking car.
Sonora is closed due to snow from November to early May most years but this year it looks like it may be June before they can plow it clear.
I may go into DTs if the weather don't clear.
Sonora Pass from the east last June

Sonora Pass from the west in September


Skip said...

Kenny, ya gotta take your 22-250 and your BAT shit on over 88 to just past Kirkwood.
Lotsa trout and some good long range shootin'.
They keep it open this time of year.

Matt said...

Mckenzie Pass (OR242) usually opens in late June. ODOT says it still has 30' snow drifts across the road. They don't know when it will be passable this year.