Monday, May 02, 2011

Same ol' shit

When I was on my little getaway, I realized how much I enjoyed NOT being online and having to find 5 or 10 things to post every day.
I know, you hear this shit from me every spring, but things are going to slow down here on Knuckledraggin. I'll post if I have something to share or say, but I don't want to feel obligated, at least for now.
Things will probably pick up again when it gets hot and I'm sitting under the AC, but right now the weather is nice, trout season opened, Sonora Pass will open soon and I need to get out and enjoy it while I can.
So, if you don't have your updates every day, deal with it. Hit the archives and keep checking back. It's only temporary. I'll post when I can.


PatriotUSA said...

Good for you, WC. The obligation and responsibility of running a site can be a heavy burden. I know what you mean and I am just now starting to take breaks from PC.

It is the time of year for lots o' fishin' for me. Remote creeks and streams that get little pressure and use are what I eally enjoy. I would rather see a few Rattlers and catch fish than deal with fuckin stupid morons and flatlanders.

Bushwack said...

Okay brudda catch some good ones. But occasionally I expect to see you at the talkback forum at least say hi ya damn redneck.

Tattoo Jim said...

Enjoy the spring while you can Kenny... it won't last that long... hot fucking weather is one the way!!!

Deb said...

Welcome back, WireSniperCutter!

Blogging should never feel like an obligation or a chore. You're not getting paid for it, not in dollars anyway, and I for one want quality not quantity...something that holds true for many things in life.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

rpm2day said...

What Patriot said, this from an Ohio born hick and proud of it.
Stay cool.