Saturday, July 30, 2011

She still has to keep it face down

Lisa loves to read trashy romance novels, burns through one or more a day. The first time we went to the library, she checked out 24 books - maybe I should say I checked out 24 trashy romance novels, she checked out 3 books on militias and domestic terrorists just to fuck with the librarian.
When we went back Thursday evening so she could restock, we lugged all those books back in and when folks would do a double take I would explain with a straight face that we made it into town only once a month.

Today I was walking through the living room while she was putting together some lunch and saw this on the coffee table:

Whoa, whoa WHOA!!!! What the fuck is this? OH HELL NO!!!!!
I was almost having a seizure here. I couldn't even begin to understand how her mind was working on this one. Seriously, bring a muslim book in the house? On the property?
But after I flipped it over and read the synopsis on the back I saw there wasn't a fucking thing about islam in there, it was just another one of her beloved trashy romance novels so I gave her my approval to read it after I dickslapped the crescent moon and rubbed bacon grease on it.


Oswald Bastable said...

Ballistic testing media.

You can never do to much testing- especially if the question is 'will a .45 go right through that sunfabitch?'

RichardR said...

Yeah, if ya rub bacon grease on it and it don't start smokin, I reckon it's okay.

YOLO said...

HAHA, kenny, that gal has got to love you. I just know that soon you will be reading those trashy romance novels and flipping your hair like Fabio ;))

Lisa said...

YOLO...he is already...and dancing around the house....trashy romance is fun...kinda like watching a three legged man dance...right Dick?

Mr. White, Reservoir Dog Groomer said...

Get her a Kindle.
there's probably a government subsidy of some kind for it.