Saturday, August 06, 2011

Yeah, right......

Apparently my nanny state Kalifornia has passed an unenforceable law mandating that all households must have a carbon monoxide detector (for our own safety) which runs about 40 bucks.
Probably less than 50 people out of 38 million have died from CO poisoning in Kalifornia last year and I bet most of those were your run-a-hose-from-the-exhaust-to-the-cab suicides or dumbasses heating their homes with charcoal because they spent their bill money on dope and now these motherfuckers think I'm gonna go and spend two boxes worth of ammo for a detector?
Fuck that.
I got already got one. His name is CharlieGodammit. If he goes tits up, me and Miss Lisa are outta there.


Sarah The Cranky said...

What--you don't think your broke-ass government knows what it's doing?

Sarcasm aside, isn't that state still broke, or close to it? How much is the fine for not complying? Just, y'know, out of curiosity.

wirecutter said...

Nope, yup, and don't care, Sarah.

Anonymous said...

I started to suggest that you get a canary (like miners used to do) so that CGD could escape with you... but I suspect that the canary would be a doggie treat within an hour or so after you brought him home.