Sunday, November 20, 2011

I for one am grateful for OWS

If it wasn't for these crybaby motherfuckers, I'd be struggling for shit to post. As it stands right now, I can hit 3 different news sites and have enough material to post for the day.

Not only that but I got to gas a hippie with absolutely no repercussions.
I also doubled my readership from a thousand hits a day (with a peak of 7600 hits the Sunday after I gassed the hippie), got a free shirt from Evil Conservatives (see the sidebar to purchase your own), an offer from Martinez Family Bail Bonds here in town to bail me and an offer from a Sacramento lawyer to represent me for free if needed.
Then there was a couple of hundred bucks in donations and about a million attaboys from readers all over the world.


PISSED said...

Time to form a PAC and look into running for President! You've already done more than shithead has.

Zilla/MJ said...

That is fucking AWESOME, Kenny, and all this good stuff could not happen to a better man.

I agree with PISSED, above, I'd totally vote for you!

While the occupy dipshits provide plenty of blog fodder, don't forget to piss off the mohamadeens too once in a while! they have it coming. Stop by my place and see my latest post for something they are really going to hate!

drjim said...

See, Kenny, people are like us all over!
WE are the 99%, not those lazy, overeducated, dumbfuck libtards!

rpm2day said...

I hate to quote Donald Trump in that there are opportunities everywhere, but you're doing well with that theory! Keep it up!

Those people have given me and and domestic of 30+ yrs a lot to talk about, too.

Skip said...

Fuck all this political horseshit.
I just got permission to hunt 15,000 acres on the west side.
Hogs,'yotes, rats, I'm on it.
If you post anything manyana, make it cameltoes or a praxis on yotes.
Love ya Lisa, take of 'Cutter and CGD for us.
Fuck I'm drunk.

alcade said...

In which entry is this story located?

Erinyes said...

On With the Show

this is it!

OWS has been entertaining as fuck!

kerrcarto said...

Pepper spraying hippies always brings out the best in people.