Sunday, November 20, 2011

OWS: If a Cop Tries to Arrest You, Kill Him

Every single day that passes, Occupy Wall Street becomes more violent and more desperate. After over 4,000 arrests, dozens of rapes, hundreds of thefts, and multiple murders, it is exceedingly evident that OWS is an anarchistic group of morons with no apparent purpose.

The only rallying cry they see to have is, "We are the 99%," a lie that spits in the face of the facts. However, it appears that OWS has a new cry: kill the police. Occupy Wall Street is now advising people to resist arrest. And they do not mean peacefully existing arrest. No, instead OWS suggests that, if a police officer tries to arrest you, you have the right to murder him on the spot.
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What's going to happen when one of these fuckers actually do try to kill a cop and he defends himself and/or fellow officers?
They're going to fucking crucify him, and I ain't talking about just the media. Everybody from his supervisors on up are going to get a piece of him. Then DOJ is going to try and fry him, then the ACLU is going to fire off lawsuit after lawsuit for him violating that poor defenseless hippies' rights. Just wait and watch.