Friday, December 23, 2011

From the comments

I found this comment for Brians' guest post "Holiday Thoughts" and figured this was just too good to bury in the comments.
Too bad I didn't run into him when he was here, I'd have taken him shooting, fed him a shitload of bacon and went checking out camel toes together. Show him a good ol' knuckledraggin time, you know?
Fuck Obama.
Man am I glad there are still guys in your great country that think like that! I am from New Zealand and visited the US to drive route 66 and also visit the states of Colorado, Oregon, Idaho and Washington. I was blown away by the hospitality and the patriotism of the rural states, especially Oklahoma and Texas. The people we met stood for all that makes America great; Pride, independence and an admirable love for your great country and the way it should be. I must admit that I fear for your welfare as a nation until you stop making a shit job of picking leaders! Americans need to stop voting for the 'salesman' who offers to pay them more of other peoples money. You are falling into the same trap as New Zealand is in. You are absolutely right, some people don't deserve my money as of right! Fuck Obama (am I allowed to say that as a non-American?) and keep up the good work!