Monday, December 12, 2011

I just knew he was from Kalifornia.....

-- A state senator from Southern California was considering calling for a boycott of Lowe's stores after the home improvement chain pulled its advertising from a reality show about Muslim-Americans.
Calling the retail giant's decision "un-American" and "naked religious bigotry," Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance, told The Associated Press on Sunday that he would also consider legislative action if Lowe's doesn't apologize to Muslims and reinstate its ads. The senator sent a letter outlining his complaints to Lowe's Chief Executive Officer Robert A. Niblock.
The retail giant stopped advertising on TLC's "All-American Muslim" after a group called the Florida Family Association complained the show was "propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda's clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values."
The program premiered last month and chronicles the lives of five families from Dearborn, Mich., a Detroit suburb with a large Muslim and Arab-American population.
"The show is about what it's like to be a Muslim in America, and it touches on the discrimination they sometimes face. And that kind of discrimination is exactly what's happening here with Lowe's," Lieu said.
The Florida group sent three emails to its members, asking them to petition Lowe's to pull its advertising. Its website was updated to say that "supporters' emails to advertisers make a difference."
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Brock Townsend said...

I'm sure he thinks it proper for the government to order Loew's to spend their advertising money as the state wishes.

drjim said...

I used to live in Torrance, and Ted Lieu is another left-wing moonbat!

Dennis said...

Well now that just makes me want to shop at Lowe's more often now.

Brian said...

I am so sick of the atheists of the left legitimizing Islam for political purposes when in fact- they don't believe in God at all.

This moron, like most moonbats, is clearly out of line and has no standing in the issue.

I sent an email to his office- telling him so.

ParaPacem said...

Hey folks -
PLEASE take a mere pittance of time to write a simply thank-you to Lowes for being willing to step up and do the right thing. Main addresses:


Brock Townsend said...

ParaPacem said...

Good idea and posted.