Monday, December 05, 2011

Preparing for the collapse of the Euro

Does anybody know where this castle is located?
When I was in Germany I toured every castle and checked out every ruin I could find, probably hundreds over the years.
The fuckers always fascinated me.


Update: Woody kicked me an email and says it's a chapel in France, and also sent me these links here and here.
There's another link that wouldn't work on the linkie thingie so you can click on it here:

Pretty fucking cool, huh?


Stinkwilly said...

What always facinates me is how the hell did they ever get the materials and shit up there.Some of them places are right on the edge of a 500' cliff and solid rock. What about septic systems?? What'd they do, hike their asses over the edge and let fly?????
Talk about a SPLATTTT!!!! hahahaha

Everett said...

Judging by the roof coverings on most houses, I'd say southern Italy/Spain/Portugal. Just a guess.

dhanna59 said...

Kenny, did you ever get to the abandoned castle out in the Dark Forest? The one with the life-size Smurfs sitting on giant mushrooms? Dude, me and some guys somehow ended up there one 4-day weekend after we got back from a quick trip to Amsterdam...that blotter was FUKKIN FABULOUS!!! I still get lockjaw thinkin about it. Whatever you do, don't look in the mirror!

Daniel said...

The photo was taken from the base of this statue