Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Annie Oakley II

Deb from Debbie Does Drivel sent me this story this evening.
After you read the post and watch the video, go over to Deb's and check her out - her blog, not her.

How many people have sent you this story? Sarah McKinley, 18-year-old mom home alone with three-month-old baby, husband died Christmas day from lung cancer. Suspected stalker and another man break into her house, stalker armed with hunting knife, she's on phone with 911 telling them she has a 12-gauge and a pistol and is it OK for her to shoot them. 
Give the gal a medal. Said she'd do it again if she had to. Don't know if I'd have the composure to do what she did. 
I think it might be time to take some shooting lessons and upgrade the BB guns to the real thing. 

Full Story HERE


Anonymous said...

21 minutes. 21 fucking minutes it took officers to arrive. Can you imagine what kind of havoc they could have wrought in 21 minutes? Thank God she was well armed, experienced with firearms and willing to use them.

rpm2day said...

They would not get minutes over here. BB guns? Yeah, ya need to move up to the next level.

Skip said...

She lives five miles past the boonies and the po po is way the hell across the Oky land.
They have set up a fund for her if ya got a buck or two.

Deb said...

I watched that video a couple of times. Admiration for her, but profound sadness of what this girl's life has been like just in the past few months. Someone so young with that sort of composure is certainly not new to adversity. She did what she had to do.

I agree regarding my beloved BB guns. They are fun, but fun doesn't cut it in a situation like this.

MrG's said...

I read the article and that is why people should have a weapon at home. God created man, Colonel Colt made them equal. If she had dome what the liberal wissies suggested, she probably would have been raped, her kid probably killed and she along with it. And it would have made a 30 second blurp on the if it bleeds, it leads news and that would have been the end of it. When seconds count...the Police are minutes away.

Scott McCray said...

Keep the BB guns - I use mine for indoor target practice. But definitely upgrade, get some training...and then carry, it's a lighter burden than regret. (quoting Breda)

ParaPacem said...

Like the old saying, when seconds count, the police are minutes away. yes, she would have been raped and killed had she not done the right thing; and they re only going to charge that other bastard with burglary?
Where can we find info on the fund they are setting up? I left a couple of requests for info in other places but heard nothing yet.

Anonymous said...

The second best part to this story? Oklahoma has the reverse felony law. The scum that got away turned himself in and was promptly charged with the murder of his friend.

Way to Go Girl!!

FEL said...

this feel good story ,feels almost as good as getting a nut.

Good for her.

Oswald Bastable said...

Nothing like a sucking chest wound to turn a crims mind from rape, murder and robbery.

Skip said...

Twelve gauge at inside a trailer distance.
No chest left.

Oswald Bastable said...

I guess that sort of chest wound really sucks.