Sunday, January 08, 2012

Formation and Organization of Resistance Movements

Found this article on the Formation and Organization of Resistance Movements a little while ago over at NousDefions and I think it's well worth the read.
Here's a teaser for you:

The ultimate key to progressing from increasing discontent to active insurrection is the belief by the populace that they have nothing to lose by revolting, combined with the belief that they have a genuine chance to succeed. Additionally, there must be some sort of catalyzing trigger event that ignites popular support against the regime’s power and a dynamic resistance leadership that can exploit the situation when it arises (Critical Note: this apparent focus on leadership within the resistance should not be construed to invalidate the concept of “leaderless resistance.” The concept of leadership should not be relegated to some shadowy, mythical central controlling party of the resistance, but rather, that individual cells should have the ability and willingness to take advantage of any key trigger events to leverage the already present discontent to begin active operations to win the support of the populace.).

Once the resistance begins to act out against the regime, there are two types of initial resistance: Clandestine resistance and overt resistance.

You can find the rest of the article HERE. And while you're there, go through his site and read as much as you can. Lots of goooood shit there.


andy said...

That's pretty much straight from the turner diaries

Dan O. said...

That said "catalyzing trigger event " may well be the re-election of the Obammer by the homeless and clueless sheeple this November.

Mountain Guerrilla said...

Andy. My content is, in no way, shape, or form, derived from that worthless, piece of shit, ignorant, racist bullshit excuse for toilet paper, "The Turner Diaries." The notes that formed the backbone of that article were actually derived from two resources:
1) the notes I took during instruction in Unconventional Warfare training during the Special Forces Q-Course, and
2) current U.S. Army Special Forces doctrine on Unconventional Warfare.

wirecutter said...

Yeah, I never read that book for exactly the reasons you stated.