Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Help a brotha out

New poll at the top of the sidebar. I'm trying to figure out how to better serve y'all so I'm going to have a couple more and try to tailor my posting around that. I know, what a guy, right?


Kerodin said...

I show up whenever I notice a new post in the blogroll.

Yep - it's that cool in this part of the world.


Brian in Florida said...

I have no life, I live vicariously thru you. I have been searching for a life I can adhere to and I find yours acceptable, so therefore you should live a good life so that I can be a Lichen and gain sustenance from you instead of living on my own. This is a working prospect, something that can be wonderful, however if you turn Gay, sorry but I will leave you and let you pole climb like Tarzan on your own.

MrG's said...

Hey Kenny

Keep doing what you been doing....

Everett said...

I lived in North Africa for about a year working for Uncle Sam, and I've seen more camel toes here than over there! I'm here EVERY DAY!