Thursday, January 05, 2012

I'm moving to Virginia!!!

King George County officials have made it clear that it’s fine to shoot coyotes, even with high-powered rifles that aren’t allowed during hunting season.
State game officials also encourage residents to shoot any coyote that wanders into their gun sights. The wild canines aren’t native to Virginia, and they can pose a threat to smaller game animals, such as rabbits, squirrels and wild turkeys, as well as livestock and even pets.
“If you can shoot a coyote, by all means, do it, as long as it’s a safe and ethical shot,” said Mike Dye, a district wildlife biologist with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.
“We have no problems with it, absolutely not.”
The growing population—or colonization, as Dye puts it—of coyotes in the Fredericksburg region has been discussed numerous times in recent years. The animals are native to the West, but started showing up in Virginia counties in the 1980s and seemingly have spread throughout the state.

Thanks to Skidmark for this shining star of a story during these dark political times.


  1. Oh, the PETA punks will be wailing in the streets......

  2. Here in Kentucky, hogs and coyotes are open season all year, except for during gun season for deer.

  3. Come on down! I've got cousins in that fine county.:)

  4. So an infestation of coyotes is a "colonization", but an infestation of islamist scumbags, including one in the White House, is not? Nice double standard.

  5. I drive through King George county every day going to work and back.

    Beautiful countryside. Full of coyote, fox, deer, and just about every other varmint you can think of.

    Not so much fun in the winter at 3 AM.

  6. Got an e-mail with a link to this:

    Maybe you can get one for your birthday.

  7. A few years ago I killed two coyotes while deer hunting. Missouri closes coyote hunting season while they raise their pups. (3/31-5/09. Dumbest law I never recognized. Open season year around in Owl Valley

  8. Maybe it's just me, but I think coyotes are the coolest animals: smart, fast, generalists. Yeah, I know they can be pests, but difficult to not admire a true survivor.

  9. Don't know what you use on coyotes but best bring a .243 or better. Our eastern 'yotes are a tad bigger than yours. Seems their ancestors messed with some wolves and have produced larger and smarter crosses. See National Geographic Magazine, Oct. 2010 for details.
    You, CD and your Much Better Half are more than welcome in The Old Dominion.

  10. I love 'em too, Mom.
    To hunt anything well, you have to study them. I read everything I can on them and when I see one in an area that I can't shoot, I'll watch them for hours on end.
    They are an amazing creature.

  11. I shoot a Savage Model 11 in 22-250, Stretch.
    I've yet to walk up on a live coyote after I've shot them, but our dogs are pretty scrawny out here. Forty pounds is a whopper, but I hear your eastern coyotes genes are working their way out here.

  12. I shoot a Savage 243, using Hornady 58gr. V-MAX. No suffering when this bullet hits them

  13. Yeah, I love that VMAX. I shoot a 55 gr VMAX exclusively when I hunting.
    Have you checked out their new Superformance? Shoots flatter and faster.

  14. Im sure most of you have had a dog in your neighborhood that runs lose, attacks your pets, bites the kids and is just terrorizing the whole neighborhood.

    Well, if you live in the country , and own live stock, chickens, small dogs or cats. coyotes are even worse than your neighborhood dog.

    They kill anything to survive and that's part of nature,and I can accept that. But when they start killing domestic animals,pets, as well as attacking small children,I try my best to kill every coyote I see.

    wirecutter posted a pic. of one I shot recently. I shot and missed one a couple days ago, and its put me in a pissy mood just thinking about missing it. I baited up the area , and he will be back.

    Fuck Obama? Fuck Coyotes too. :)

  15. wirecutter, because of the location and terrain where I live, I never have a shot over 150 yards. The 58 gr travels 3925 fps and shoots 0.0" at 200 yards.

  16. That's a touch slower than my bullet speed @ 4000 fps. Isn't these bullet speeds amazing? Shit, I almost have to lead BEHIND a running coyote.
    Some of the places I hunt have shots out to a mile or more but I give myself a strict limit of 300 yards. The rifle can beat that, but I can't.
    Most of my shots - 95% - are within 150 meters.


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