Saturday, January 07, 2012

More from the emails, and Sammy's pissed

I swear to god I have a life...
...I really do...but your blog seenms like a legit outlet for pointing out the fed's bullshit, warts and all,
instead of puking the "post-spin" shit that circulated the most widely.
This pissed me off.
Strikes me as EXACTLY something that the guv would've done to the peasants in Mother Russia back in the day.
Is this where we're headed, do you think?
Y'know, I wonder how many lists I'm gonna wind up on before this shit's over...
Anyway, like I said, this is gay as hell and the biggest fear to me is the "Fuck you, we'll do to you what we want and voting means dick because we can make the results look like whatever we want them to be." attitude. The 2000 Ohio election proved it, but I still thank god Gore didn't wind up in the WH. But I digress.
Here she is:
My prayers to those poor folks.
Thank you for your blog, brutha.
"Arf!" to Charliegodammit