Sunday, January 08, 2012

A must-have accessory for every III Percenter

A 550 cord bracelet with a handcuff key in the clasp.
How fucking cool is that?

Get your very own right here.
Or you can just duct tape one to the inside of your belt like I do......


drjim said...

That's so damn neat I just ordered one.

Erinyes said...

Don't TELL anybody where you hide it!!! But thanks for the tip! (Not that I expect to be handcuffed anytime soon unless it's by...never mind.

Cedarswamp said...

What's a III percenter need with a handcuff key?

...from my cold dead fingers, No Quarter, No Surrender.

Yet I do concur...Fuck Obama!

Skip said...

Front and back Bro.