Thursday, January 19, 2012

Serve and Protect, my ass


Trialdog said...

I talked some shit to a state trooper once. He polished his nightstick with my back.

I deserved it.

I was a punk ass college kid at the time.

claymore said...

"Ultimate scumbag" WTF you back to tweeking or what. If you look closely you will see a bunch of those tapes were from FOREIGN COUNTRIES.

You should try walking the walk sometime. You can see a bunch of cases where immediate action is necessary like in crowds and or the spouse coming to aid the husband she just reported and you are ALL BY YOUR SELF.

It's like being surrounded by lions a crowd can smell fear like lions in a show one whiff and your a goner so you can not fuck around deciding who to be Mr nice guy to. Tell them something ONCE nicely then if no compliance it's force time every time and if your the one that wants to argue about it your first in line for arrest or other force to get compliance.

In most of those examples IF THEY HAD COMPLIED the results would have been a lot different.

It's really very simple comply on the street then push your case in court where it's normal to have discussion.

You will get nothing but hassle if you argue with a LEO on the street where he has more to worry about than your usually wrong interpretation of relevant laws involved.

And RAP MUSIC for the love of God man.

wirecutter said...

Uh huh, and I had a cop tell me one time (he was called to my house when somebody saw me handling a handgun INSIDE my home)that if he saw me carrying a handgun on the street, he'd run my ass over. When I reminded him that open carry was legal in Kalifornia, he said it was easy enough to interpet anything as a threat.

"To Serve and Protect"

If the cops don't like their jobs or can't do them without excessive force, then they need to quit.

Anonymous said...

wtf what side you on ?
barry likes to 'change'
the police?
seems like there arming up,
tons of good ones won't do it
you gonna count on it?

claymore said...

One can not depend on videos on the net for accurate information. If you check what happens in court and the % of LEOs convicted of using excess force is miniscule compared to the number of arrests. And they loose their jobs for it. If you got convicted for some kind of assault you going to get fired??

The USA has been using police officers since it's inception and MOST normal people don't hate police officers unless they get arrested for something then the "I can't do anything wrong" syndrome starts and they blame it all on the police never admitting to themselves that they needed to be arrested but they will never admit it even to themselves and they find a convenient scapegoat to blame THEIR behavior on the police that made them stop what they are doing.

And listening to rap music that encourages people to shoot the police because they interfere with their drug business is not helping things.

It's just like jail if you don't want to have a confrontation with police obey the law.

Who else you going to call if somebody holds your dog for ransom or your girlfriend your private bodyguards, your malita force, who else but the police it's been that way forever and will continue that way as that is the system people want the only ones with a problem are the ones that police have to interact with for breaking any of society's laws.