Saturday, February 04, 2012

Basic Preparations

Let me say right out the gate that I have never picked a fight in my entire life, nor have I ever looked for one. I generally try to avoid violence - it can be painful at my advanced age and the legal ramifications can get downright expensive.
But..... I believe in preparing for any fight or battle that I can see coming. When I prepare, it's not to put up a good fight, it's to win and to win fast and make sure you never want to fuck with me again.

I read a lot of war history and one of the most tenacious enemies that we ever had were the Vietnamese. They were masters of guerrilla warfare and had the homefield advantage as far as knowledge of terrain goes. From the Vets that I've spoken to and the histories that I've read, it was very common for them to develop pre-planned ambush positions by digging holes and clearing lanes of fire and then not use them for months or years.
They were also masters of intelligence. There were agents loyal to the communists at every level. Hooch maids, cooks, KPs, secretaries, high level cabinet members, and aides, but the most damaging were the friendly, smiling villagers. I seriously doubt that a single combat patrol moved from the perimeter without their strength and directions immediately being passed on to the local VC by the villagers, no matter how "pacified" the ville was.

And those are the lessons that we need to learn from our enemies.
Instead of looking for defensive positions, we need to be planning and setting up offensive positions, whether it be a full scale personnel/vehicle ambush or a sniping position where you're going to shoot and scoot.
We need to start subtly influencing people in the population that are in positions to help us, whether it be intelligence or logistics. We're going to need food, repair services, safe houses, etc. We have to have the support of the population to succeed in our Cause. Think about how much easier life would be if you had somebody that worked in your local police station that was sympathetic and passed on information about raids and such.
We need to gather intelligence on enemies now. Who's going to come kicking in your door in the middle of the night? The police, whether they be local, State or Federal.

Where is your police station? Do you even know? What times are the shift changes? Are they rotating shifts? What's the weekly schedule? Here, it's 4 days on, 4 days off with a rotating shift.
How many police officers are on the streets at any given time? Where are they concentrated? One or two men to a car? These questions are easily answered by your everyday observations and/or asking them innocently at a meet-n-greet with the local Chief of Police, a community meeting or at a neighborhood watch meeting. Use your imagination. Make a note of your findings.

Where do they park the cruisers? Is the area fenced or walled in? How's it guarded, physically or video? Blind spots? Where do the police park their privately owned vehicles while on duty? Is that area secure? Can you physically see the cars from the road? Where do they fuel their cruisers? Where are they serviced? Are repairs done in-house or are they outsourced? All this can be figured out by keeping your eyes open and walking your dog. Go home and make a note.

Your everyday movements can be used to gather intelligence that you may not think is important. When you see a patrol or undercover car, make a note of the time and location. Check and see if any patterns develop. Anytime you see anything that's unusual or may be a threat later, make a note.
Some streets are preferred for emergency vehicles for various reasons - because they're wider, or they bypass a major intersection (the street I just moved from was one for both of those reasons) or they lead right to the Dunkin Donut. Find those streets. Make a note. That'll be important later.

Everything that I mentioned in this post can be done without any more effort than keeping your eyes open, asking a few questions and making a few damned notes.

Again, I don't start fights but I also won't get whipped like a little bitch. They wanna start it, they're gonna pay for it.
- Wirecutter


Brock Townsend said...

We have to have the support of the population to succeed in our Cause.

Excellent post and assuredly so.

drjim said...

It's also important to understand the principles of that type of resistance, so that you can do things on-the-fly.

Dobro Player said...

Very good post. Inside intel could be critical in helping someone escape the midnight knock (or chainsaw) on the door.

DeNihilist said...

How about some of these?

ignore the bearded twit near the end of the story, he brings more shame to my country then even the pols.

Deb said...

We have two police cruisers, parked in front of the local dining establishment at each day time shift change,as well as lunch and dinner time. The overnight cop is SOL since everything closes here at 9pm.

The actual building where the dept. is located is open from 8am-4:30pm, but they have a "hot line" phone outside the door in case you are chased by packs of wild moose, provided you can get in your car, drive to the station, leave the safety of your car and pick up the phone.