Saturday, February 04, 2012

Big Sis is still watching you


Looks like I done hit the Big Time here with that list, especially the last part.


Erinyes said...

"Coded writings"

So "Fuck Obama" is in code? What does "Michelle Obama is a big fat turd" mean?

I've made myself pretty clear to them in numerous e-mails. I think the feds are full of shit with all this domestic terrorist crap. I don't think they could or would do jack shit to any law-abiding Americans with a clean record just because we buy guns and stash supplies.

Obama and company need to go. Now.

nyjets427 said...

So is this blog considered to be radical or extremist? Well, if it is I'm fucked, cause I really like the content!

wirecutter said...

I'm gonna have to say both, Jets. I'm so fucking Right Wing I don't even make left turns.