Saturday, February 18, 2012

Confused about the Patriot movement?

It is a time to coalesce the liberty movement into something distinct from Tea Parties. I will not disparage Tea Parties, they are what they are and they have put life to the Constitution, they have breathed life into a long dormant liberty movement. Many have been struggling for decades to be looked upon by our government as the rightful citizens we are, instead of children in need of guidance and scolding.

The liberty movment is distinct and separate from Tea Parties in a vital way: violence is not ruled out. This is not a promise of violence, or a threat, but those in the liberty movement are not put off by the thought of doing what our ancestors did and demand our rights by force of one sort or another. It is not a question of being afforded certain rights or liberties, it is a question of by which means they are achieved
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Reindeer said...

AMEN...A must read

PatriotUSA said...

Really excellent read and will be sharing.

Thanks for having this up, damn good.

angrymike said...

This would be great, just think how it would piss Zero off to have two party's of righteousness to deal with. I'm might even explode some leftists heads. Lets do this!

Hello Birdy said...

I am Canadian, but I think I will go and support this meeting. If you guys go down. Canada will be caught in the vortex. We have a stake in your affairs too.