Friday, February 10, 2012

How's my driving? Call 1-800-AMNESTY

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has appointed a former legal-services attorney as its new “public advocate.” The point of the new position is to enable illegal aliens to complain directly to headquarters when ICE field agents refuse to implement the administration’s administrative amnesty. This has become a real problem for the White House; the NYT reported last month that the ICE union has refused to allow its members to undergo the re-education sessions organized by the DHS political appointees. In effect, they consider the Obama de facto amnesty directives to be unlawful orders which they are bound to disobey.
This puts the White House in a political bind because it’s promised the open-borders and ethnic-chauvinst groups that all non-violent illegal aliens would be permitted to stay as long as necessary until Congress votes them legal status. If regular illegal aliens continue to be deported, the enthusiasm of La Raza and its ilk for the president’s reelection may flag. Thus, this new public advocate, who can identify the malefactors (ICE agents refusing to violate their oaths) and enable the Eye of Sauron to turn upon them.
But some jujitsu is in order. Since this public advocate says “I hope you’ll reach out to me with your questions, comments and concerns,” those who have been affected by illegal immigration — especially victims of identity theft, drunk-driving, or other crimes — should give him a call. He’s at or (202) 732-3999.


So yeah, reach out to him. Voice your opinion about the lawbreakers that he serves.

Thanks to Jim for the link.


Spon said...

Meanwhile in SC, another of
Lindsey Grahamnesty's oppressed
muchachos is being sought.

Spon said...

Meanwhile in SC another of Lindsey
Grahamnesty's oppressed muchachos
is being sought.....

nyjets427 said...

Well at least the ICE officers see threw that assholes anti constitutional BS. Now if congress grew a set we could impeach King Zero!