Thursday, February 23, 2012

Niggas be stylin' then

ARMED guards are protecting Whitney Houston’s grave from bling-hunting robbers.
Fears that ghouls will plunder her resting place were triggered after it was revealed she was buried wearing up to £300,000 of jewels and designer clothes.
The singer, who died a fortnight ago in her LA hotel room after a drugs and booze binge, lies in a gold-lined coffin worth tens of thousands of pounds.
She is draped in a purple gown and also wears a diamond brooch and earrings and a pair of glittering gold slippers.
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I knew it had to be her jewelry they were after - nobody wanted that crack skank alive, much less dead.


Anonymous said...

So, I wonder who is footing the bill for the security force for the rest of eternity? The future tax payers of America? Because some one is going to get in there and fairly redistribute that wealth that is buried in that coffin.

Babs Streisand said...

You now what is really sad? IF it is true - but I saw on some TV news spot that her daughter left immediately after the funeral and was found getting high on crack in a hotel room. If that is true, it is so fucking sad.

Hog Whitman said...

Acouple of months after Sammy Davis Jr. died, his widow supposedly dug him up to remove about $70,000 worth of jewelry from his body. I guess he owed a lot of people money.

That's just what I heard.

Uriah said...

Brian Dellow, Sammy's 'right hand man' said Sammy didn't have any jewry on other then the watch Frank Sinatra gave him, so who knows? He owed millions so 70K wouldn't have been much to worry about.

I'm still mad about the entire flag thing for Whitney...