Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Powerful Republics

The Mayor of a major US City has an army at his disposal (his words), which includes the ability to bring down a suspect airliner (the words of his police chief).

This Mayor has fielded an Intelligence apparatus that probably rivals the capabilities of most nation-states.

This Mayor is hostile toward most of the ideals embodied in the DoI, Constitution and Bill of Rights. He gives them lip service, but his actions reveal the Tyrant.

Very little was made of recent reports about this Mayor using the intelligence capability of his army beyond the borders of his city, indeed, beyond his State. MSM made little of it. The Right made even less of it. And our own community didn't choose to address it much.

Of course I am talking about Mayor Bloomberg of New York City.

Do you think, for a moment, that his Intel gathering is limited to Muslims? Do you think the point-man for MAIG probably has already GPS'd the homes of every gun owner, Republican and Patriot in the same region?
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angrymike said...

I knew who you were talking about as soon as tyrant was said, complete asshole!!!!! But the useful idiots will probably reelect him anyway.
New York and Kalifornia is full of useful idiots, sorry Kenny.

Uriah said...

Ive no doubt he'll be reelected. Glad I'll never live in that cesspool. While I'm not in the sticks anymore, I'l take my lil subdivision any day of the week.