Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do

Our new place has hardwood floors and new carpeting so it was decided that CharlieGodammits' water bowl should be outside. Can't be having that motherfucker dripping all over the carpet and floors, causing spots and shit. Hey, it sounded good to me (might have been my idea, in fact) seeing as he actually is was an outside dog.
I came wandering in from work tonight and it ain't 5 minutes before Lisa hits me with "You know what Charlie's been doing? Drinking out of the toilet!"
"Well Sweetie, he IS a dog."
"Yabbut if the lid and seat are down, he lifts them with his nose and crams his head into the bowl to drink."
"Well Sweetie, he is a SMART dog......"

Brings to mind the time I caught my ex watering my hound with filtered water - you know, the shit you gotta pay for?
"Hey, what the fuck are you doing?" I was pretty sure she'd lost her mind.
"I don't want to give our dogs water from the tap. All the chemicals, you know?"
I was right. Her milk had soured.
"Uh, seeing as I've seen that motherfucker drink out of a cow track with no ill effects, I don't think tap water is going to kill him."
Jesus. Women.....