Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All right, dammit.

Several people have asked just who in the hell is Mike V in regards to a couple of posts yesterday and the day before. Maybe it was the day before that, I don't know.
Anyways, he runs a III Percenter blog called Sipsey Street Irregulars and is considered to be Jesus His Ownself by his readers.
I hate to send you over to his site lest you drink of the Kool-aid, but if you do visit, start checking out the comments. The motherfucker can do no wrong according to his boys.
Or you can just check the comments under "A National Emergency" from a couple of days back. You'll find a couple of his readers' comments there. I do appreciate those guys commenting here so you don't waste a lot of time over there looking for what I've been talking about.

So now you know who he is. Now get off my ass, Deb. Please.


Stinkwilly said...

HEY Ken!! If you don't care for his bullshit, then I have NO reason to go there. Let him spew his shit to somebody that gives a fuck. I read enough blathering already from these libberlovers.

angrymike said...

I've read other things about Mike so I won't go.
thanks for clearing it up for your readers.
That's all I need a cultest who can do no wrong.

rpm2day said...

Ahh, the Kool-Aid over there didn't sit well. Between you and me sumpin' about the 'tude there that I've seen before, too smug maybe?
Whatever, you didn't lose this one.


Deb said...

Pffft! "Get off my ass.."? You wish.

I checked out the SSI blog. It was too chaotic and slow to load and I have no patience. I also re-read your post that "offended" people. I read it a few times. What the hell was wrong with it? Are people that dense that they can't see the sarcasm and humor in it? Geeze, they're sensitive.

Christ, no one has a sense of humor anymore.

PatriotUSA said...

Yep I gotta agree with Deb here.
Why would she of all folks get off your ass???

Mike's site, waste of time, waste of big time, nuff' said.

Everyone seems to get butt hurt and all weepy so easily these days(not you WC, I DO see your side here as well).

I recently hopped the train from central Oregon(hicksville in many ways but so what, got a problem with that?) down to the bay area and back. I have never offended so many people so easily and it was actually quite fun for me. The best one was in the dining car sitting at table with a bunch of old hippies who have drank way too much 'electric kool aid' and were so disgusted with my dislike of obama and liberalsism, it was just too easy.

As to your offensive post?? People need to get over it. Nothing wrong with it at all.
Seriously people, grow some some stones or ovaries!