Saturday, March 17, 2012


You can find more art like this over at Walter Zoomie's World.
Gotta spend some time over there - he's a true Patriot with an outrageous sense of humor.
Great guy, too. I saw one of these posters on his site and asked if he could take some of this out and add some of that, and about an hour later I had a couple of pictures in my inbox, this being one of them.


Mulligan said...

making a space on my sidebar just jumped to the top of the to-do list

I've been looking for a good III%er graphic, mind if I copy that one?

Hello Birdy said...

I am just a stupid Canadian, so will someone please tell me what III means?

wirecutter said...

Mulligan - help yourself. He's got other designs at his site that he's giving away too.

Birdy - It signifies the 3% of Americans that actually took up arms against British oppression during the 1st Revolution.