Sunday, March 18, 2012

Camo cops

Driving over to Mom and Pops' today for his 72nd birthday party, I passed a "Blue Dragon", a dark blue unmarked Crown Victoria that Modesto PD uses for gang suppression and drug diversion (fancy words they use to try to sound smart) and noticed that the 2 cops inside were not only dressed in camo, but desert fucking camo.
Just a couple of quickies: Why in the fuck are cops wearing desert camo in a city of 200,000+ and #2, why even bother with the unmarked car? Not only does every lowlife in the county know what the cars look like (watch yourself, I know I recognized it too) but 2 dudes in camo in it makes them stand out like a sore thumb.

"Honestly Judge, I didn't know they were cops! I saw 2 large men in desert camouflage charging towards my truck and I thought some of those crazed combat Vets from Afghanistan went berserk again like I been reading about in the paper so I shot them both in the head. Twice."

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MammaJude said...

Double fuckin' tap.