Friday, March 30, 2012

This is good. Real good.

Here is another fact that I know in my heart: When people like you and me decide to act, we will bring more intensity, power, and determination to the fight than will they. They have numerical superiority, and they have Techy advantages, at first.

But they do not have Principles for which they will die...only for which they will send others to kill.

Read the entire article over here at Sam's blog.


Principles for which they will die..... Man, I'm seriously beginning to wonder if that's even passed down from Father to Son anymore.
Every great once in a while I'll run into a young man that impresses me but they're far and few between anymore.


kerrcarto said...

Yes, yes it is.

Bearded Youth said...

I'm friends with Brian (Frankenstein Government) and being quite a bit younger than him, only 32, i tell him all the time that my generation is mainly a generation of chickenshit cowards. People who want to complain about the state of this nation then sit there waiting for a fucking handout. There unwilling to take a stance for what they believe in. They would rather camp out in tents and spit on cops. There are a few of us young Idaho boys still raised with the value to stand and fight for our rights.