Saturday, March 24, 2012

How I got here

Over the past couple of years I’ve had several nosey fuckers ask me what caused me to have the political views that I have today, what made me decide to have a blog, shit like that.
I gave the nosey fuckers the standard answer - “Fuck if I know” but it has got me to wondering the same thing.

I got to make something clear here first - Nosey fuckers are okay as long as you don’t get up too much in my business. Shit like this I don’t mind because it’s natural to wonder about other folks, especially when it’s somebody that you can relate to. I don’t make no bones about it - I work for a living and face the same damned struggles you do. You can relate.
When you start getting too personal, you’ll know because I’ll tell you to fuck off, block your email and send CharlieGodammit over to buttfuck your poodle.

Okay, we’ll tackle the easy shit first. Why did I start blogging?
Because I was bored. And on a 3 year drunk. Seriously, I discovered non-political humor blogs and thought it would be cool. Started this fucker out as a humor/life story blog and evolved into this. Magic shit, man.
Okay, that takes care of that.

My politics. Fuck……. I honestly don’t know. I wasn’t raised in a political family, matter of fact I can’t remember politics ever being discussed in my house when I was a kid. Pops was a professional Soldier and acted as such. But being raised in a military household did instill a Patriotic spirit in me. You old Soldiers remember - having to stop and salute the flagpole at 1700 hrs even if you weren‘t within eyesight, the National Anthem being played before every movie, stuff like that. But as a young teenager in the early 70s I was a fucking hippie - Peace, Love, Dope. A Patriotic hippie - that’s some seriously confused shit, man.

After we come out here to California when Pops had enough of the peacetime Army and retired, I hung out for a few months working construction and green-breaking wild BLM horses for Darrel D until I got tired of getting stomped by bigger construction workers and meaner mustangs. Fuck that, I joined the army and got my young ass out of Dodge.

After my completely Honorable (had to throw that out there so there’s no doubt) discharge in ‘81, I still was completely oblivious to politics and got myself into a lifestyle that I can’t figure out today. Let me attempt to describe it to you: I was working at Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant 60-80 hours a week, seriously into redneck shit like bass fishing, guns, ghost towns and the ultimate hippie scene, The Grateful Dead. I hit every Dead show within 300 miles for 10 years, not missing a single one. If you don’t know about the Dead, they had a tribe of hippies that followed them everywhere, setting up camp around their venues and just doing the 60s hippie life. I was completely at home there, getting loaded, listening to the music and enjoying the sights. So yeah, I guess technically I was a hippie - one that went through 400-500 rounds of ammo a week and worked in a fucking bomb factory.

But I still was Patriotic. I still got that chill when I saw my Flag. I actually trusted my government. I voted every election. I went gun shows and was exposed to political literature. I saw a booth that had patriotic stuff like flags and banners and shit and was drawn there. I picked a copy of the “Turner Diaries” and stuck it in my bag. After I got home I started reading it, maybe got a quarter of the way through it before I got sick of the racist hatred I was reading and threw the book in the garbage. I was disgusted that the white supremacists had hijacked the term “Patriot”.

I got married and spent the next 16 years to busy fighting and arguing with my ex to pay much attention to what was going on beyond my front door. Coincidentally, my marriage and the American political system gave up the ghost at the same time - 2008. I filed for divorce and the american sheeple elected Obama as President of the Untied States.

I seriously can’t think of any single event in the past four years that turned me into a prepper or a III Percent Patriot. Once I actually started paying attention to politics I started getting more and more outraged at the bullshit that was being shoved down our throats. I mean, ObamaCare was a big one. That was a fucking fiasco, financially and politically. Pelosi saying that we had to pass the bill so we can see what’s in it, all of our elected officials tripping over Obama’s nutsack. Then there were all the czars that Obama was appointing, Van Jones being the biggest outrage.
I can go on and on about the things that piss me off about the Obama administration but you’ve heard it all before. What really pisses me off is #1 the elected officials that worship the kenyan and #2 the fucking people in this country that keep electing them into office!

Over the years I’ve found a bunch of prepper and Patriot sites and realized that Holy Shit, there are people like me out there! And we got the Patriot name back from the racists! Yay!

I’ve always stockpiled stuff and as far as ammo goes, I enjoy reloading and I buy my supplies in bulk. I can’t ever remember NOT having a shitload of ammo or 5-10 pounds of gunpowder in the house.
Same thing with food. I never did it on purpose but I’ve always had a good supply of food on hand.

As far as expressing my opinion here, it was just a natural progression. If I’ve got a venue and an audience, I’m fucking talking. Yeah, I know there are other eyes out there that aren’t friendly and yeah, I know I’m probably known by the Powers-that-wannabe.
I could’ve done the grey-man thing except for a couple of things. I ain’t that way and it’s fucking time to stand up and be counted.
It's time to let the powers know that we're sick and tired of the fucking abuses that our Constitution and Bill of Rights has endured. We're tired of Big Government and we're sick and fucking tired of government intrusion in our private lives.

Yes, I am armed and well stocked. No, I will not submit. Yes, I am willing to give my life to defend my Freedoms. There it is. Count me in, motherfuckers. Let’s dance.

I’ve never picked a fight in my life but I ain’t never run from one, either.

So there it is.
Any questions?