Monday, April 23, 2012

762 Tactical

One of the benefits of Patriots getting together is the sharing of resources that's going to naturally happen when 2 or more guys that are interested in the same thing get together. "Hey, now that's cooler than shit, where'd you get it?" Doesn't matter if it's guns in the mountains, golf in the valley, or flower arranging in San Francisco, guys like to show off their shit and have future shit shown to them. We've been doing it since we were living in caves showing off our latest clubs. Seriously, watch 3 guys get together and within 5 minutes somebody's pulling something out of their pocket to show off.

Joe showed up at PatCon and brought out a dynamite chest rig - lightweight, simple but sturdy yet low profile enough you can hug the ground real tight when you need to get your ass down.
Then he goes on to tell us that it's made by a buddy of his, another Patriot from Redding, and gave us business cards. When I got home I checked it out and was impressed enough with his designs and different products that it warrants a mention here. Belts, pouches, chest rigs, bags and packs.  This is custom gear with mass production prices.
I haven't personally bought any of his products (yet) but I did go over the rig that Joe had and found it to be of excellent quality. Check the site out for yourself and you can see that his products are very reasonably priced. An added bonus is the guy's a Patriot.....


Curmudgeon said...

When I read "dynamite chest rig", my first thought was of a jihadist with sticks of dynamite strapped to his torso. Then I quickly applied the rule of situation and it went "poof". Not poof in terms of detonation, but poof in terms of content.

wirecutter said...

Shit, I didn't even realize I put it like that until you pointed it out.
That's hilarious.

Erinyes said...

Cool! Lots of AK stuff BUT no slings?? Or am I not seeing them? I'd like a good sling for my AK. Any suggestions?