Friday, April 13, 2012

Concerning the stand-off here in Modesto yesterday

I've caught a LOT of shitty comments via email about my 2 posts yesterday.
Understand please, and re-read the last sentence of my first post: I do not in any way, shape or form condone the shooters' actions. Losing a home is not worth taking a life, particularly when it's because you're behind on your payments. But again, I can understand his frustrations.

My point was a huge over reaction on the Laws' part. They had to trot out everybody within 4 counties and bring out all their toys (a Buffalo? Really?) even though they had no use for them, yet at the same time during interviews yesterday they were bemoaning the fact that their budgets have been chopped and slashed so they couldn't prevent this sort of thing.
They burned 3 other families out of their homes and you know there's going to be no help from the county to get them into other homes at no expense to themselves even though they had nothing to do with the crime.
I also have a hard-on over the media already condemning the man over "possible" military service and the fact that he owned several guns (Ooooh, evil) and a possible (there's that word again) cache of ammo. So fucking what. I have military experience, own several firearms and a fairly decent supply of ammo but that doesn't mean I'm going to nut up and kill a cop for merely serviing civil papers.

Okay. Now more is coming out about the shooting. Two deputies went to the house to serve an eviction along with a locksmith. The deputies knocked, there was no answer so the locksmith commenced to drill out the lock. The man inside then blew 3 or 4 rounds through the door, hitting the smith and the deputy that was killed. The wounded deputy then returned fire. The uninjured deputy to cover and called for help.
This isn't from the sheriff, it comes from several independent witnesses.

So no, I am not condoning the shooter but at the same time I'm not condoning the cop's over-reactions.
And yes, I am going to tag this with a III Percenter label because of the Law's reaction. This is something that a bunch of us may be facing in the future.

I'm also going to say that I appreciate the civility shown by those that disagreed with me (my friend and frequent commenter Bushwack for one) but did it in a courteous manner. We can disagree about some points without it getting out of control. Thank you. Others should follow Bushwack's example, myself included at times.


Bushwack said...

Well I can certainly understand the anger about the 3 families who lost their homes. I also see your point about the budget cuts yet have this kind of firepower.

I think there is something to be said about the effects of overwhelming force on LEO's in the area. to "Trot out" all of that gives the LEO's a bit of reassurance that their employer will go all out to bring justice to someone who does them harm. I think it's an intimidation tactic as much as anything. Perhaps folks see stuff like that and say "I don't want them bringing that shit to my house"....

I think some folks (Including me) took that first post as an ANTI-LEO post which I am not. I do a lot of work with LEO's from time to time around here and they are not all assholes and tyrants. Some of them actually believe their duty is to serve and protect.

I also appreciate the civility Kenny. You do your thing man and tell your new wife I wish her all the luck in the world with you... She's got her work cut out. LOL

wirecutter said...

Why, yes she does and I'll pass on your kind words.
She said something along the same lines just the other day accompanied with rolling of eyes and shaking her head.

wirecutter said...

I was also pretty fucking tired last night, put in an 11 hour day. I tend to be really cynical when I'm beat.

The one thing I hate about my writing style is that without my voice inflection, sometimes points are misunderstood, with me particularly.

TexasFred said...

It wasn't the 1st time you came across as anti-police Ken, and that is one of the main reasons I, and a couple of others that ARE or were cops have cut links to you...

If YOU are an example of what the III Percent thing is all about, I'll dump ALL of MY gear... III Percent gear...

Cops in tactical gear is how it's done, and anyone that doesn't understand it has never tried to go into a firefight in dress slacks and a tailored shirt, that BS about cops in tactical gear was WAY lame...

In any case, good luck to you, keep posting the disgusting stuff, the almost nude stuff, the language, the puke shots and all the anti-Cop stuff...

You have opened up more than a few eyes of folks that were giving you the benefit of the doubt.

wirecutter said...

I am suspicious of cops. Ever have your door kicked in while they were looking for somebody you don't even know? I have, Febuary 14 1987.
Ever been pulled over 3 times in as many weeks by the same cop when coming home from work at 3 AM and the reason given is because a witness saw a truck matching mine at a crime? I have.
Ever have a cop demand to search your vehicle for guns because you have a predator control sign on the back of your truck? I have.
In all my years, I have been treated with respect by LEO exactly one time. Once.

Think all your LEO buddies are going to be able to talk the ones that don't know you to leave you alone when it comes down to it? Good luck with that.

What, you object to the near nude pictures all of a sudden? You've commented positively on several of them in the past.
Those weren't the only things you commented on either.

If you don't like what you read here, don't fucking come here.

Quixote said...

Sir, you have been treated with respect by LEO's exactly once more often than I have. Arrested, jailed, no charges ever filed, not dismissed, never filed. Try getting an arrest record off the net, ain't happening... Well there goes the law practice...


idahobob said...

Assholes like TexasFred ought to go fuck themselves.

I not only distrust cops, for the most part, I hate 'em.

The cocksuckers have earned my hatred over the years.

When our current County Sheriff was campaigning a few years ago, I told him straight up, that I considered that badge that he wears, to be a perfect target from about 800 yards out.

He didn't even flinch, he just said that he hoped that if he became Sheriff, he hoped that he could gain my confidence.
A long story short....he has and I even consider him a friend. He is one of the good 'uns.

Fuck Obama.


Kerodin said...

Damn, Ken - now I am getting your hate mail! ;)

Fred wrote me about this issue.

He was not amused.

He asked if the III was an anti-police organization, and I answered no. But I added the caveat that we are anti-oathbreaking LEO and hold them in contempt and see them as treasonous if they violate the Constitutional Rights of Citizens.

Personally, I don't think the average cop today can work a shift and "do his job" without breaking his oath and violating the Constitutional Rights of Citizens.

And I'll go a step further - I think most LEO sleep well at night, having violated the Natural Rights of their fellow citizens.

So, for me, LEO is in the same class as politicians and used snake oil salesmen. There might be a few decent ones, but the burden of proof is on them, not me. I will assume any interaction with LEO is likely to result in a violation of my Rights, until proved otherwise.

Here's a fact to support my position: Fred thinks Kenny's post goes beyond "Free Speech".

So, Fred is not a fan of 1A, when the mighty LEO Class is questioned.

Fred claims to be a Conservative. I would suggest he objectively check his positions against genuine Liberty and see if he is in-bounds. I think he may not be as Liberty-minded as he thinks.


wirecutter said...

Fuck 'im.
Fred's the guy that's going to be directing his friends the cops to our doorsteps.

The only Rights that Fred cares about are Fred's Rights.

Bushwack said...

Okay, look I understand why Fred has an issue with the anti-PD shit. His son is/was a cop. He's got a lot of former PD folks in his friend circle. As do I.

As far as Fred being someone that would be lining up with the cops if they went over the line I can assure you that's not the case at all.

Fred doesn't need me to come to his defense here, he's a big boy. I just think he deserves a bit of fairness in the discussion.

My opinion is very simple. You're blog your rules do as you want to do. If I don't like it, I'll either tell you about it or ignore you. Fred on the other hand is going to declare all out war. That's the way he does things. No better friend on earth, no worse enemy.

Either way folks, realize when the shooting starts we will be standing on the same side. Maybe not at first, but very soon after I'm sure.

Let me get this out there too: For someone to say they hate all cops is ridiculous on its face. You can hate authority. FINE, you can hate what PD stands for IF you so desire. But cops are Americans too. They have one hell of a fucked up job if you think about it and without them, our society would be one fucked up place. There's some bad ones to be sure. But to lump them into a nice pile of shit because you had a few bad incidents is not going be helpful if the shooting did start.

It's my opinion is that a warrior uses all tools at his disposal. One of those tools is to get to know those in power around you. And to let them know you to some degree.

Hatred of the Police doesn't serve anyone well. It only takes your position off the table. Let some of these cops in a bit and give them your opinions let them hear from others besides just one side.

I consider myself a minor prepper (Well armed, survival minded and prepared for almost anything) And a III percent'r IF it comes to that.

wirecutter said...

Now in all fairness to me, Let me allow you to see a piece of the email that I got from Fred this afternoon:

It was assholes like YOU that I most enjoyed taking down...

With that one single fucking statement, Fred just reinforced my point of view about cops. He does not know me, has never met me, knows nothing about me, yet I'm an asshole that needs to "be taken down" even though I have done nothing illegal, in fact I haven't even had a traffic ticket in over 25 years.
THAT IS WHY I DO NOT LIKE COPS. To them, you're either a victim or a criminal, no middle ground.
Thank you Fred, for proving my point.

Naw, I don't think me and Fred are ever going to be fighting on the same side.
Fuck him.

PS if you'd like to see the entire email, send me your address and I'll forward it to you.

Anonymous said...

TEXAS FRED was never a cop ! I went after him on his site from Germany... He used to claim he was doing secret stuff for the Gov... Right TEXAS ASSHOLE ! I'm on your side Ken... FUCK TEXAS FRED