Friday, April 13, 2012

Concerning the stand-off here in Modesto yesterday

I've caught a LOT of shitty comments via email about my 2 posts yesterday.
Understand please, and re-read the last sentence of my first post: I do not in any way, shape or form condone the shooters' actions. Losing a home is not worth taking a life, particularly when it's because you're behind on your payments. But again, I can understand his frustrations.

My point was a huge over reaction on the Laws' part. They had to trot out everybody within 4 counties and bring out all their toys (a Buffalo? Really?) even though they had no use for them, yet at the same time during interviews yesterday they were bemoaning the fact that their budgets have been chopped and slashed so they couldn't prevent this sort of thing.
They burned 3 other families out of their homes and you know there's going to be no help from the county to get them into other homes at no expense to themselves even though they had nothing to do with the crime.
I also have a hard-on over the media already condemning the man over "possible" military service and the fact that he owned several guns (Ooooh, evil) and a possible (there's that word again) cache of ammo. So fucking what. I have military experience, own several firearms and a fairly decent supply of ammo but that doesn't mean I'm going to nut up and kill a cop for merely serviing civil papers.

Okay. Now more is coming out about the shooting. Two deputies went to the house to serve an eviction along with a locksmith. The deputies knocked, there was no answer so the locksmith commenced to drill out the lock. The man inside then blew 3 or 4 rounds through the door, hitting the smith and the deputy that was killed. The wounded deputy then returned fire. The uninjured deputy to cover and called for help.
This isn't from the sheriff, it comes from several independent witnesses.

So no, I am not condoning the shooter but at the same time I'm not condoning the cop's over-reactions.
And yes, I am going to tag this with a III Percenter label because of the Law's reaction. This is something that a bunch of us may be facing in the future.

I'm also going to say that I appreciate the civility shown by those that disagreed with me (my friend and frequent commenter Bushwack for one) but did it in a courteous manner. We can disagree about some points without it getting out of control. Thank you. Others should follow Bushwack's example, myself included at times.