Saturday, April 28, 2012

DoA Civilian Police and Security Guard program

(U//FOUO) U.S. Army Regulation 190-56 Civilian Police and Security Guard Program

1–1. Purpose
This regulation establishes the Department of the Army Civilian Police and Security Guard (DACP/SG) Program. It assigns responsibilities and establishes policy, standards, and procedures for the effective implementation of the DACP/SG Program. This regulation applies to all Department of the Army civilian personnel in career series 0083 and 0085 and contract security personnel employed by the U.S. Army and involved in the safeguarding and protection of personnel and property.

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If you look at the top right drawing in the photo you can see the words "With Liberty and Justice For All" incorporated into it.
Empty words.


redneckmp said...

having been an army mp within the last ten years i have worked right along side these guys a few good the rest are worthless turds and would be shoe ins for tsa

Cheesy said...

DOA - interesting choice of 3 letter acronym...

Anonymous said...

What!? NO brass shoulder epaulet`s?.Will they get an obama "Medal of Courageous Restraint" if they refuse to MURDER their own countrymen for obama?.