Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gotta be California (again). Or maybe OWS.

Probably OWS in California


Anonymous said...

That`s obama`s new military unit, The Queen Beret`s they were the militant arm of the Rainbow Coalition .Don`t you know it`s going to be a bitch getting around in the Iranian sandbox in those spike heeled combat boot`s and assless leather pant`s.

Aaron Burr said...

God damn your blackened and shriveled heart to the lowest circle of Hell.

I check back in here after an extended absence and THIS is what greets my eyes?

I demand some hippy macing as just compensation.

Stu said...

Looks like he got "Cold Cocked"

Huckleberry said...

Can you beleve this shit, that son of a bitches socks dont match that retarded motherfucker!

Uriah said...

Oh, thats at Wacken Open Air, the biggest outdoor metalfest in the world. It's in Germany. Like 90 bands. Mostly guys who wouldn't play real nice with the OWSers, but it'd be entertaining to watch the hippies and the metalheads.