Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Great. I pissed somebody else off.

Back in January I did a post called The Big Bad Wolf where I showed some monstrous fucking wolves that were legally taken in either Idaho or Canada depending on who you're talking to.
Since then my hate mail has increased an impressive amount, thank you very much, especially after the 28th of February.
No big deal. I got other shit to worry about.
Then tonight I went to my blogger stats page and pulled this page up:

Click to enlarge or get off your lazy ass and get your glasses

Those are my monthly stats to date from March 6 to April 4.
No shit, there's 851 page views for The Big Bad Wolf, coming in behind 3 Camel Toes and a Tittie shot (big surprise there) and ol' T-Rocks' Facebook Photo.
Fucking Animal Rights assholes and PETAphiles are abusing my post, man.

You can go HERE and read the last few comments for a short version of what I've been catching.

I gotta admit, this one caught me by surprise. Of all the different individuals and groups I fuck with (I even make fun of retards, for gods' sake) I never even considered PETA or Love The Wolf or whatever little splinter group is making me their target of the moment.

Yeah, so if anybody's got any pictures of dead animals they took and would like to see posted, send 'em on in. A little background info like where it was taken, weight, all the usual bragging shit would be appreciated.


carmegil said...

Welcome to the club, man. In my internet travels i have upset a few folks but i have only actually been threatened by animal nutjobs. It takes very little to under those crazy assholes' skin.

drjim said...

I'll see if I can find the pix of a 10-year old me holding a brace of pheasants and the 20ga I used to take them.
They were quite tasty!
Might have some pix of me holding huge stringers of bass, and trout, too.

Kerodin said...

Hey, PETA: Eat puppy-murdering bastards.


Goldenrod said...

Fuck the fucking fuckers. They're nothing more than a pocket full of pestilent putrefied piss. Like most liberal groups, banging on the drums is their only hope of survival, hollering and screaming simply brings in a few bucks to help them continue their belligerent, offensive rhetoric.

Fuck them....and Obama too.

Mozart said...


You gotta a gift!!

You crack me up.

Brian said...

Dude has the perfect set of tits.

Fuck Obama.

timbo said...

That's the biggest wolf I've ever seen ! Looks like western Canada. I also recently saw a guy with the biggest cougar I've ever seen from there as well.
I had no idea that either got this size.

idahobob said...

With those pics, a normal thinking person could see why we do not want these monsters here in Idaho. They have been wiping out the Elk, Deer and Bear populations.

I dare ANY of those stoopid fucking retards, that make stoopid remarks about eradicating these fuckers.....come on up here to my part of the world and make those stoopid remarks.

You will get the education that you deserve!


Paul, Dammit! said...

For me, it's the "OMG Save Teh Whalez" people that make me soggy and hard to light. Fucking floating stupid bags of lamp oil.

Dennis said...

Wirecutter keep up the good work pissing them off

Anonymous said...

I'm live in pansy-ass New Jersey, so I don't get to see this that often. But, I must say that is awesome! Way to go!

The Dude said...

Idiots...Fuck em, think I will cahnge my profile pic to some head shit axis does to piss them off!!

rpm2day said...

Is there any chance that you could do up a hate mail section? Those douchebags are a laugh in and of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Um, might have been partially my fault. I thought those pictures were awesome, and needed to be seen by some of the idiots that don't know the difference between wolves and pugs, so I linked to it. Sorry...kinda... :)

Walter Zoomie said...


My neighbor got pissed too when I bounced a 9mm hollow point off his Rottweiler's head.

Fuck him. He sued me in small claims, won, then moved away.

I win in the end, motherfucker! :D

Corey said...

Dam thing looks like a pony


Anonymous said...

An old Montana rancher was sitting in the back of the room where a Fish & Game Ranger was explaining the less than lethal ways of controlling Coyotes & Wolves. He said that capturing and neutering them, reintroducing them into the wild would help keep their population down. The old rancher then spoke up, "Son, I don't think you understand our problem at all,
They aren't trying to Fuck our sheep, only eat them." Reality meets Idiology. Fuck Obama

Anonymous said...

Don`t get the blood on you or you will turn into Lon Chaney at the full moon.

Living in Babylon said...

I once killed an endangered bat for bait.

I never gave a fuck about no flying sonar rat in my whole mothafuckin' life. And I wanted some goddamn catfish.