Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Great. I pissed somebody else off.

Back in January I did a post called The Big Bad Wolf where I showed some monstrous fucking wolves that were legally taken in either Idaho or Canada depending on who you're talking to.
Since then my hate mail has increased an impressive amount, thank you very much, especially after the 28th of February.
No big deal. I got other shit to worry about.
Then tonight I went to my blogger stats page and pulled this page up:

Click to enlarge or get off your lazy ass and get your glasses

Those are my monthly stats to date from March 6 to April 4.
No shit, there's 851 page views for The Big Bad Wolf, coming in behind 3 Camel Toes and a Tittie shot (big surprise there) and ol' T-Rocks' Facebook Photo.
Fucking Animal Rights assholes and PETAphiles are abusing my post, man.

You can go HERE and read the last few comments for a short version of what I've been catching.

I gotta admit, this one caught me by surprise. Of all the different individuals and groups I fuck with (I even make fun of retards, for gods' sake) I never even considered PETA or Love The Wolf or whatever little splinter group is making me their target of the moment.

Yeah, so if anybody's got any pictures of dead animals they took and would like to see posted, send 'em on in. A little background info like where it was taken, weight, all the usual bragging shit would be appreciated.