Monday, April 30, 2012

Obama or Obamney?

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Quixote said...

Well, the choice here is what it is, but I do think it's a choice...Romney is no Reagan but neither is he an avowed Marxist. With a decidedly conservative Congress we can at least stop the march toward European socialism; our loss of personal freedoms, well that's the next battle...Guess I'll get skewered but if folks don't see a difference between these two I think they need to take another, serious, critical look - Please don't waste a vote or let it lie fallow - that wld be as good as a vote for four more years of backsliding. Fuck Obama...


wirecutter said...

Stop the loss of our personal freedoms? Romney was the governor of Massassachusetts, home of some of the most restrictive gun laws in the Nation.
Romney also brought in their health care plan, the same one that Obamacare was modeled after.

Go ahead and vote for the lesser of two evils. I'm a man of priciple, I demand a return to a Constitutional governement and I won't waste my vote on either of these two motherfuckers if they can't deliver that.
Fuck Obama.

Quixote said...

10-4, I understand & appreciate your argument...thnx wc


Anonymous said...

They have Soros on tape saying there is LITTLE difference between them.If Romney should win , watch out! because the pace of this insanity may even accelerate.