Thursday, April 12, 2012

See what you have to look forward to?

See my post earlier today about the local excitement.

About 10 tonight they moved in, threw some flashbangs and tear gas and caught the house on fire. And because the suspect's status is unknown, they're letting it burn.
Yup, they Waco'd him.

I've been watching this for about an hour and let me tell you what, there were hundreds (no, I'm not exaggerating) of cops, all them motherfuckers dressed in camo and strutting around trying to look all badass. The FBI was there with a Buffalo which is a military vehicle that's built to not only blow IEDs but also to survive the blasts. Why they had to trot that out, I don't know, maybe it's the badass factor again.
Oh yeah, they're playing heavy on the fact that he has "possible" military experience and likes guns. The cops are also using the possibility of large caches of ammo in the house for letting it burn, but even with the flames 50 feet high, there's no mention of ammo cooking off.

Okay, now I'm hearing on the TV that they must've decided that he's cooked well done because the fire department has moved in to extinguish the fire. Considering that the place was a fourplex in a densely populated area, trying to control the flames is probably a prudent move on their part before the entire complex to burn to the ground.


CharlieDelta said...

And like a Waco, they will be reporting that the "radical" committed suicide by lighting his own place on fire. Unfuckinbelievable.

wirecutter said...

They already threw that bullshit out there, saying that the suspect started the fire to get away, but the High Sheriff His Ownself came out and said that it was started by a flashbang.

Thunderstick said...

Your camera broke?
Just askin'

Bushwack said...

Okay Ken, this is the deal. The guy killed a LEO and locked himself in a house. threatened to shoot more of them. Do you expect the LEO's to come in with flowers and candy?

Personally I think it's bullshit to tie this in with a 3 percent'r cause. The idiot in the house who shot a LEO innitiated the action and therefore should be shot dead if he doesn't give up. The deputy he killed was doing his job and may have been a oathkeeper himself. We don't know. I think the fucker should cook.

Rant over.

wirecutter said...

I tagged it with a III label because of the militarization of the police forces. On the front page of todays paper it shows two cops carrying battle rifles and dressed in camo. They're even wearing military flop hats for Christs' sake.
I'll address the Oathkeeper part in a post tonight or tomorrow.

wirecutter said...

Thunderstick - They had that area blocked off for a half mile. Besides, being around that many cops makes me nervous.

Bushwack said...

This is where you and I disagree Kenny. I want the Leo's to have all the tools they need to do their jobs. But I also want the same tools to protect me from them. In CA we are outgunned/outnumbered and pretty much FUBAR in that regard.

I don't like hearing about LEO's being gunned down by ex cons or morons for being pulled over or domestic disturbances.. I sure as hell don't think Cops are going to come knocking on our doors because we can't stand Obama. YET.

I think we need to temper our emotions when stories like this come out. This was no waco. This was an asshole who took a life of a LEO for no good reason. He deserved what he got.

wirecutter said...

Sure Bushwhack, we can disagree and do it civilly.

But I have to agree with Zoomie. A SWAT team surrouding the place and waiting him out would've worked - matter of fact that's what the Sheriff said they were going to do about 20 minutes before the place went up in flames destroying 3 other people's homes.
Why didn't they cut services, make the motherfucker sit in the dark with no food or water and wait him out?
But they used the Shock & Awe tactic when they didn't need to. It was ONE man in there, not an army, not even a decent fire team. They only people that they could've impressed was folks watching and the only people that were in awe were the cops themselves.
Pure over-reaction on the cops' end.
Seriously, you should've seen the TV broadcast last night - it looked like a fucking military post there instead of a police standoff against one man.
And knowing our dickhead Sheriff, he's going to do his damnedest to make sure that this never happens again, our Rights be damned. You watch, SWAT will start serving eviction notices. Guarenteed.

Bushwack said...

Kind of a rock and a hard place to judge this based on what you saw Kenny. I'm betting there was some negotiations with the guy. Maybe he made mention of killing himself? Maybe he made mention of setting fire to the place first? We don't know, but I gotta believe that in a incident like this, they tried to talk him out and would wait him out unless given reason not to. That's standard practice.

The shock and awe tactic is a couple flashbangs? You use what ever means necessary to execute the arrest. But you could be right in one regard. The patience factor of the LEO's may have been far less if one of their own weren't killed by the guy.

wirecutter said...

From what I'm hearing now is that there were attempted negotiations with no response. It's not even known yet if the guy was still alive after the initial exchange of gunfire.

Tear gas and flashbangs had been going into the house all afternoon, not just later that night, but that was what eventually terminated the standoff. Some of the news commentators were speculating that he had a protective mask. Personally, I think the man was already dead, either from the cops' return of fire or a self inflicted gunshot.

What I was referring to when I said shock and awe was the police response with all their big boy toys.

So I'll keep you updated to what happened when I find out. Lots of specualtion going on right now, not only from the media and Law, but also from every Tom, Dick and Kenny that saw it on the news.

Uriah said...

I havn't heard a word about this yet other then here. Local news I guess...