Saturday, April 14, 2012

TL nails it

From TL Davis

Excerpted from If The Darkness Descends

There comes a time when the average guy has to look out on his perfectly manicured lawn, his recycle bins and his low flow toilets and ask himself if this is what has been worth the blood of so many young men in the history of this nation. Is it?

People don't understand freedom anymore. The concepts of liberty are lost on them, it has become foreign, unusual, a little dangerous, even stupid to the properly trained and indoctrinated collectivist and that is what America is about today, whether openly or secretly, it is about collectivism. Everyone pays for the benefits of others and those paying are all just looking for a way to cash in themselves. It is a disgusting society of black marketeers and insider traders.
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Quixote said...

Hey WC (sorry, is that what we call you? I don't even know), I'm fairly new to your site, great job, seem to be simpatico on 100% of your outlook on life. I read the TL article, and comments, several times - no disagreeing with his overall analysis. But I'm seeking some direction & understanding from you, a voice I've found intelligent, thoughtful and reasonable, seriously, not BS. I get it, prepare, check, locked & loaded, check, vegetable garden, check (good luck with that), willingness to die for the cause of LIBERTY, big check, but what am I missing? I'll die for the cause of freedom, but where's the revolution right now? Are we to leave our jobs and families to start it? Or be cautiously vigilant and prepared pending upcoming election as suggested more or less by Anonymous? I'm on the right side of the cause, believe me I've got my reasons, but I don't see where the Alamo is right now or I'd be on my way there; maybe soon, especially considering the Trayvon situation here in Sanford, FL, who knows for sure. But as I indicated previously, I'm looking for direction & understanding, not to be pilloried as a wimp so please have mercy WC, I don't need this to be published at all. I'm curious about your thoughts. I may have a huge blind spot inasmuch as I'm inclined to think Anonymous had it about right...Are they saying we are all to pack up & go ...go where? To fight what battle where we will die for the cause right now? I'd seriously appreciate your thoughts WC. What am I missing???

wirecutter said...

Send your email address to me at Give me a day or two to gather my thoughts and I'll get them to you.
In the meantime, go to III Percent Patriots in my sidebar and read what Sam has to say about that. He posted something along those lines within the past couple of days.

Oh yeah, you can call me Wirecutter, WC, Kenny, I really don't care.

Erinyes said...

I'll have to second Quixote...what are we missing?

Quixote said...

WC, thnx for III lead, great perspective, aptly named post today...much appreciated