Monday, April 09, 2012

"To Serve and Asskick....."

'Necessary Force'

"I always thought police were nothing but good and were there to protect people," testifies Elizabeth Polak, a registered nurse from Phoenix. Her view of the State’s enforcement caste changed dramatically as a result of what she witnessed in Denver on the evening of March 25, 2008.
Polak, returning to her apartment following her daily jog, saw a man and a woman having an unremarkable conversation near the entrance to the building. Two police officers appeared – a development always pregnant with trouble – and approached the couple. From a distance of about 100 feet, Polak saw the officers stride purposefully toward the man, who was later identified as James Moore.
"The officers did not stop and have a conversation with Mr. Moore," she later recounted in a sworn affidavit. "The officers walked up to him and instantaneously punched Mr. Moore. Prior to being punched, there was no resistance or non-cooperation on his part. Mr. Moore was not given the chance to comply with any orders, if any were given. It appeared that the police were on a mission to walk up to Mr. Moore and punch him."
Shocked and terrified by the assault on Moore, his girlfriend, Julie Gomez, repeatedly exclaimed: "You have the wrong people!" Moore, who had been knocked to the ground, did what he could to avoid or deflect the blows directed at him by the assailants.
The attack on Moore "appeared to be completely unprovoked and at no time was Mr. Moore fighting back," Polak – who has never spoken with the victim – related in her affidavit. "At no time did Mr. Moore try to attack an officer. At no time did Mr. Moore try to reach for an officer’s weapon. Mr. Moore was surprisingly calm."
"I did try to stay calm," Moore, a Special Forces combat veteran, recalled to Pro Libertate. "I just tried to assure myself that the beating would eventually stop, and I just had to endure it patiently. But it didn’t stop."
The assailants, Officers Shawn Miller and John Robledo of the Denver Police Department, had been summoned to the apartment building by a noise complaint from a neighbor. Moore, who has been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, had experienced a somewhat tumultuous breakdown upon learning of a friend’s death in Afghanistan. (After retiring from the military, Moore became an unabashed opponent of the Empire.) After deciding a change of scenery was in order, Moore and his girlfriend called a cab and went outside to wait. An hour later, the cops arrived.
"We were waiting outside the building, when I suddenly hear pounding and rushing footsteps – then next thing you know Miller is in my face shouting, 'Get your hands out of your pockets! Show me some ID!’" Moore told Pro Libertate. "I said, 'Why? What's going on?' – and I was almost simultaneously knocked to the ground before I could finish." Once the beating began, Moore tried to identify himself and point out he was a disabled Vet – but this availed him nothing.
Moore hit the ground hard – and went very still. Moore recalled that there was a sudden, brief pause in the assault after blood gushed from his face onto the sidewalk.
"It seems to me that they knew at that point they’d screwed up," he said. "It was as if, after a second or two, they decided to make it look as if I had been resisting arrest – which meant that they had to use a great deal of 'necessary force’ to subdue me." Robledo immediately hog-tied Moore, binding his wrists and ankles in a restraint device while Miller continued the assault. When Miller’s hands grew weary and his knuckles became sore, he extracted a small club and began hitting the victim in the neck and head.
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timbo said...

I read the rest - sickening, and all too common.

I picked up a local paper in Reno a couple weeks ago and saw the city had settled with the guy that got beat on his front lawn there last year. The guy taped a cop that was arresting a burglar across the street. The cop came over to the guys yard and told him to stop taping. When the guy stated he had the right to, the stupid cop beat the shit out of him - with the tape still running! Year later - taxpayers out $250, 000 just in the settlement. Fuckin thugs.

The Old Man said...

WTFO? I'd like to blame this on Hopey McChange's buttmonkies, but it appears Gauleiter Miller has been pulling this shit for years. It's past time we get an advocate like Alan Gura to wade into the cesspool that Denver has evidently become and extract some vengeance in the form of cash; that obviously being the only thing that will gain their attention. If I were Kane, I'd be very, very paranoid.
Seems to me that Whitman is Miller's daddy and both of them are WAY out of control. Must be a helluva lot of badges in Crackerjack boxes in Colorado...

Mr. Miracle said...

Boy o boy! This is just another example...listen, I like some cops, some are good people, but anymore the newer ones are scum. Even the ones that have some years under their belt are drunk with power. Power trips abound. This is why I will only call police for cleanup, and even then they will be taped, recorded, photographed, and witnessed in everything they do. Just wait until the merde strikes the ventalitour, and watch the thin blue line collapse. They can't hold it, that's why they strike out over the smallest things

Anonymous said...

Just sad.

Oh, have you seen this one yet? Really has some LEOs upset.

Anonymous said...

we have no teeth,they treat us like punks because we act like punks.when the fucks start to worry about having to deal with freemen and not slaves,we will find out how much heart our boys in blue have.We will find theirs to be the size of a mustard seed.
Bill Fletcher
Liberty Valance
bf and steiner

Uriah said...

Who do you trust anymore?