Monday, April 30, 2012

Why I will not vote for Romney

Okay, since I posted that picture this morning of Obama and Obamney I have gotten 13 (that's right, 13) emails and 1 comment telling me that I need to vote for Romney or 1) it will be a wasted vote, 2) because a Supreme Court justice seat will be up for grabs, 3) because Romney is a nice compromise and won't scare the liberals off, 4) Romney won't infringe any further on our Civil Rights and 5) We need Romney to overturn ObamaCare.

I have always been a firm believer that who a person votes for should be their own decision for their own reasons. A person should be free of harassment, intimidation or pressure when deciding who to vote for unless it's from the New Black Panther Party, in that case it's okay.

I'm going to take points 1-5 and tell you what I think about it.
1) I'm in California - my vote is symbolic only. My personal vote doesn't count anymore. Even if it did, Conservatives are outnumbered by liberals by a huge margin here.
2) A SC justice seat is always up for grabs. That has been an argument since the very first time I cast a ballot. It doesn't even figure into who I might vote for.
3) I don't want a fucking compromise nor do I want moderates standing with me. Besides, my fear is that Romney will fuck things up even worse than Obama and scare all the moderates back to the left.
4) Romney cannot infringe on our rights any further. That goal has been accomplished. As far as 2A goes, Romney was the governor of Massachusetts - a state with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the US today.
5) ObamaCare was modeled after Romney's health care plan in Massachusetts. It was originally his fucking idea. Get it? He's not going to overturn it, he's going to tweak it around until it's a "workable" compromise and my taxes are still going to go up to pay for it.

Now, in case you're still thinking I need to re-think my position, take a trip down my sidebar. See all those neat pictures of the III flag, the poster of the bowie stuck in the Constitution, my business card, the III Percent Patriot book I'm pushing and all those right wing links? Do they tell you anything at all, like maybe I have re-thought my position and my mind is made up? That this is where I stand?
Those things should tell you that I advocate a return to a Constitutional government. Nothing more, nothing less. No fucking compromise. Have I heard Romney vow a repeal of GCA 68? Have I heard Romney vow a smaller, less intrusive government? Has he promised abolition of DHS, DEA and BATFE? No? Has he even mentioned it? No? Then the motherfucker ain't getting my vote.

I will tell you this: If I had to vote for one or the other, I would vote for Obama (collective gasp) before I voted for Romney. Maybe if Obama's re-elected it'll push the American sheeple over the edge and force them to get off their lazy asses and do something about him. Maybe the Tea Party will rise again except maybe this time they'll leave their goddamned flags at home and pick up their rifles instead.