Friday, May 04, 2012

From the author of 'I'm Tired'

Thanks for posting my essay, “I’m Tired,” which I wrote in February of 2009. I am not, however, either Bill Crosby, as some versions were edited to claim, nor the actor, Robert D. Hall. As this went around the net, someone assumed there could only be one Robert Hall in the world and added his picture and info. In addition, some versions were edited by people with a shallow grasp of ethics, as they edited items. For example, I’m only 66. I have pulmonary fibrosis, an eventually-terminal illness that kills as many, maybe more than breast cancer, so I am unlikely to see 76! If you found it of interest, you may be interested in the almost-daily Political Digest I post on my Old Jarhead blog: If you wish to comment on or read the original post of “I’m Tired” or other essays I’ve written, you can find them linked here: Lastly, you may be interested in my book: The Coming Collapse of the American Republic: And what you can do to prevent it All royalties go to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund to help wounded vets. Please feel free to forward and post where possible.
 ~Bob Hall

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