Sunday, May 06, 2012

Give you something to think about


Dave Hodges
May 3, 2021

Is the US military and the Bankster controlled federal government on a collision course? When one begins to connect the dots, with each dot representing a critical intersect point between the two entities, it strongly appears that an irrevocable bifurcation between the two is underway and the point of no return may have already been reached. Why else would we be witnessing the training of Russian troops to carry out policing activities in and around the Colorado Springs area later this month?
A report from the Daily Caller noted that the Labor Department has withdrawn a highly controversial Obama administration order which would've outlawed any form of child labor on family farms. This regulation would have dealt a death blow to the economic viability of America’s small farmers. As a result, food prices would have astronomically skyrocketed because all food production would have subsequently emanated from the large corporate owned farms. As an aside, the large corporate owned farms were exempt from this Labor Department restriction and of course, illegal migrant labor would be permitted on the corporate farms as well. To many, the defeat of this illegal and unconstitutional child labor regulation marked a victory for the average American. However, there may be a more ominous message behind the rescinding of this policy as it becoming clear that the Obama administration is seeking to conceal the rift between its bankster benefactors and the US military as it is becoming clear that Obama suddenly backed away from a policy that the military refused to support.
The use of child labor on family farms is a long-established tradition in American history. It is the sole reason why America's schoolchildren have enjoyed three months off from attending school as children assisted their parents in the harvesting of crops. When we witness the Agenda 21 enforcement agents from the banker-run federal government actively seeking to control all food in order to make Americans entirely dependent upon the federal government, this latest Obama power grab makes a great deal of sense.
Only three days after the announcement of this illegally contrived Labor Department regulation banning child farm labor, the Obama administration withdrew its mandate citing “public outrage” as the sole reason. Really? Public outrage in only three days forced this dictatorial regime to do an about face? Who is Obama kidding? What about Obama’s lack of reaction to the public outrage over the banker bailouts that 95% of Americans vehemently opposed? What about the previously ignored public outrage over the chicanery related to the passage of national healthcare that over 80% of Americans opposed? What about the ongoing public outrage over the sexual assault acts performed everyday by the criminal TSA as they continue to goose Granny and molest our children at the nation’s airports? Ninety percent of the country had not even heard of this farm labor policy. The Obama administration's explanation for withdrawing the policy over “public outrage” is ludicrous.
Curiously, the enforcement mechanism for this insane policy would've fallen to Homeland Security and amazingly, to the military. This means that forces of our military would have faced off against American farmers. There can be no doubt that many farmers would have defended to the death their historical right to property and parenting rights. The real reason for the withdrawal of the child farm labor policy has to do with the fact that the US military was not willing to murder American farmers on behalf of the Wall Street bankers and their large agricultural partners. The Obama administration is concealing this serious rift from the American people!
Further evidence of this growing conflict comes from Afghanistan as we should not forget that when Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, visited Afghanistan in March, there was an attempt on his life. Following the incident, all American soldiers in Panetta’s presence were unilaterally disarmed, thus providing another example of distrust between the two institutions.
It is also no secret that in recent months, America has positioned its military in the Gulf region to launch military strikes upon Syria and Iran. It is also no secret that the Russians have threatened our government with war if America attacks its two aforementioned allies. This clearly casts Russia into the role of being a military enemy of the US. Why then, would the federal government mandate that enemy Russian paratroopers be trained at Fort Carson Army base in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in late May and early June of this year? Yet, this is an undeniable fact as Defense Department spokesperson, Commander W. L. Snyder, told the New American, that Russian troops would be training in southern Colorado for three weeks in which they would be allowed to provide security at local baseball games and to participate in roadside checkpoints as well as to conduct war game military raids on local terrorist base camps. The unmistakable conclusion is that our enemies are being trained to interact with the American public and to participate in policing activities on American soil. Are you baffled? Well, so was I, until I realized that the Russian troops are only the enemy of our military and US citizens, not the enemy of the banksters who run the government!
Shouldn’t the presence of Russian troops on American soil be considered an act of war? Why then would Russian troops be given access to one of our most important and secure military bases in the country? Why then are Russian troops being allowed to view how our military will meet a crisis not to mention the fact that we are giving the Russian military access to the inner workings of a key military installation while training on American soil for the first time? Is this is just a significant military intelligence victory for the Russians? Has the Obama administration lost its mind by revealing our military command and control capabilities in a crisis situation? Or, is this apparent abject stupidity on the part of the Obama administration being carried out with clear intent, precision and purpose to a level which would make Benedict Arnold jealous? Why else would Russian troops be trained to carry out policing activities on American soil in which they will supplant our domestic forces? There are still more dots to connec
It has been widely reported that Homeland Security has purchased hundreds of bulletproof checkpoint structures along with several hundred million rounds of ammunition typically used in house to house fighting. We already know that the Fort Carson based Russians will be training with American weapons and ammunition. Are the dots beginning to take shape?
There can be no other purpose for the procurement of these materials, by Homeland Security, other than to use them in order to subjugate the American civilian population with American military weapons and Homeland Security provided ammunition.
Given the fact that the federal government has enacted unconstitutional detention policies through the NDAA, and it lists American veterans, Libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, and Constitutionalists as domestic terrorists in the Homeland Security’s MIAC Report, it appears that the bankster run federal government and its Russian mercenaries are declaring war on average Americans as America enters into a very draconian state of martial law which will be enforced by foreign soldiers who will not hesitate to fire on American citizens.
We already know that 70% of all US military political donations go to Ron Paul. This fact, alone, places the bulk of the American military at odds with the despots who have taken over the federal government because Ron Paul is an anathema to the banker run government status quo. And when one adds to the fact that it's becoming common knowledge that nearly every Republican primary has been rigged against Ron Paul, should it be surprising that Ron Paul delegates plan to transform the Republican presidential candidate selection process into a brokered convention in which the current political fraud would have to be carried out in the clear light of day. In this scenario, Ron Paul could win, so long as he would be alive to enjoy the fruits of this strategy. A Ron Paul presidency would spell the end of the Federal Reserve, the IRS and the Wall Street banker bailouts. And of course, there would not be a military industrial complex”cash cow” war with Iran and Syria under a Paul presidency.
Is anyone else's memory is reverting back to the Democratic California Primary held in 1968 in which, to the profound dismay of the establishment of that day, was won by Bobby Kennedy? If Ron Paul were to meet the same fate as Bobby Kennedy, would America likely accept another lone nut gunman assassination theory? Would the subsequent civil disobedience make the 1992 LA riots look tame by comparison? Would the American military subsequently fire on Americans in the streets in order to restore order? Or, is it more likely that our bankster run government would use their Wall Street funded Russians assets to quell the disturbances and install a total banker run scientific dictatorship that would make Hitler and Stalin envious?
To the banksters, the Russian troops are a necessary evil because if American troops would not fire on American farmers, in defense of the now aborted child farm policy, then they cannot be counted on to fire on Americans at the whim of the banksters in support of the coming public disarmament and eventual total subjugation.
It is interesting to note that the movie depicting a Russian invasion of the US, Red Dawn, is being rereleased. As in the movie, the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming, and America may not have to wait long to discover the real reasons behind their military presence on American soil! The connecting of these dots clearly demonstrates that the powder keg is ready to explode, but what event will light the fuse?
There are plans in place for a mass evacuation of downtown Chicago in reaction to possible riots, on May 20-21, the dates of the upcoming NATO Summit? A Milwaukee based Red Cross memo indicates that there is indeed such a plan. Officials have been asked to make plans in order to assist Chicago residents in the event of a mass exit from Chicago. Does the term, ”false flag” come to anyone else's mind? One doesn't have to have a doctorate in history to recall Operation Northwoods, Abel Danger and the relationship to 911. And one doesn't have to be a Jeopardy contestant to remember the London terrorist drills that coincided with the London subway bombings. And don't forget, the same exact events transpired a short time later in Spain!
With Russian soldiers chasing imaginary American “terrorists” on our soil, prudent Americans may wish to eliminate Chicago as vacation destination later this spring where it is rumored that Windy City will be the next Oklahoma City event.
On April 28, 2012, Ron Paul warned America to be on the alert for a false flag in the near future. Is America living in a time in which the possibility of a military coup is bubbling up to the surface and we are about to witness the bankster push back to America’s defiance to the New World Order? Will all Americans soon be forced to choose to take sides between supporting our loyal military or the bankster run government and its growing number of mercenary forces on our soil?

 - Murray, via email


Anonymous said...

Fantastic isn`t it? a few year`s ago if someone would have told me where this country would be in the year 2012 I would have thought them insane.The speed at which this country is being plundered and enslaved is mind numbing. Let`s be realistic, the only hope we have is for the organized military to balk when told to lock-n-load and hit the street`s.The air asset`s available to the despot`s alone would be enough to eliminate all opposition in the first hour of conflict.Now if the pilot`s of those aircraft were to refuse to murder their countrymen, and did a U turn ........?...

Chris said...

And yet the people of that AO,like most in this land,will comply and do nothing unfortunately. Fucking russian troops at amerikan baseball games AND roadblocks?


Glenn B said...

So, you really think that the Obama Administration has Russian troops being trained here so they could be used to kill American citizens who maybe would have disobeyed the child labor law? I have now heard it all.

While I think President Obama is an anti-American, socilaist, super far left liberal I just cannot imagine what flight of fancy would make you think he would be willing to sign his own death sentence by ordering Russian troops to gun down American citizens within the USA. Were he to do so, to have foreign troops on our soil actually shoot down our citizens, not only would he be giving up his presidency, he would in all likelihood forfeit his own life in that the revolution would begin and be violent at that. He would have zero power to stop it because you could be assured the U.S. Military and most state, county and municipal law enforcement departments would be against him. At the very leadt, he woukld be arrested and imprisoned for life. The democratic party would crumble and its members would likely be unelecatble for many years to come.

As for your hypothesizing that your line of reasonsing gives the only plausible excuse for Russian troops to be trained within our country, are you that ill informed? Foreign troops and foreign law eforcement have been trained on our soil repeatedly over the past sevral decades, including the Russians. I have not yet seen one of those groups, from any country, try to overthrow the United States or take power here. They are here for legitimate training, many times anti-terrorist training, narcotics interdiction training, a regular police training.

I am not saying that your fanciful conspiracy theory is an absolute impossibility but I think it much less than likely that it would ever take place.

All the best,
Glenn B

Hello Birdy said...

In case you have not seen this. It will 'splain what the bankers have been up to forever and what's up right now. Please check it out. if the light isn't on in your head now, it will be after you see this vid.

wirecutter said...

Glenn, you know I didn't write that, there's no a single shit, fuck, piss or goddamn in the whole article. Plus there's a credit right below the title.

Yes, I know we've always trained foreign troops - I can remember seeing them at every military installation in the US that I've ever been on. But they were always from strong allies, for damned sure not ones that were likely to nuke us 20 short years ago.
And I also think that Obama thinks he can get away with any damned thing he pleases.
Do I think that that's going to happen? No, I think our military would put a stop to it, presidential orders or not.
Just laying it out there, Bro.

I know, I'm just getting weirder and weirder every damned day, huh?

Hope your weekend went well.

Glenn B said...

I saw it was Murray who wrote it, I figured like a guest post. I guess I should have addressed the comment to him, did not mean to make it seem like I thought you wrote it.

It is kind of on the far out side but to tell the truth so is the commie we have in office right now. Who would ever have believed that it woukld get to the point where any president would have his flunkies and those on the other side all vote on a bill like health care before reading it. We are living in an insane asylum.

So maybe the post is not that far out, whatever - it all makes for good reading and for some good thought. As for Russian thing and conspiracy stuff, if it happens, well shit, no one can say that Murray did not warn us. I wish someone would have warned me about Obama back about 10 years ago. Then again, we had GWB and Clinton and Carter and Johnson and Kennedy, super liberals all, so I guess there was a pretty good warning at that.

All the best,

wirecutter said...

Actually, Murray didn't write it, he just kicked me the link.

You're calling George W Bush a liberal? Thank you..... At best he was a moderate republican - on a good day.

RegT said...

Perhaps Glenn B. is not considering the likelihood that any foreign troops used would also be wearing U.S. military uniforms. Does he really believe Obama would be so stupid as to have them wear blue berets or Russian camo?

Unless they heard them speaking Russian instead of American English, people observing those being detained - or killed - by such troops will most likely assume it is our own military at work. I imagine the subterfuge might not last for long, but it might last long enough to cause the deaths of enough U.S. military in retaliation, thereby estranging the military from the civilians. Or so the bankers would hope.

As in Matt Bracken's third novel, Foreign Enemies and Traitors, Russian troops could possibly carry off they illusion for a while, especially if they have some American military traitors as officers leading their troops.

So, maybe not so far-fetched at all.

DeNihilist said...

Fuck the Russkies, these are the guys you should be worried about! They are just to nice to trust!

Glenn B said...

Well, whoever wrote it may have been closer to the truth than I had thought. I posted about some scary shit today that was recently reported on by an alleged informant from within DHS. If true, we are probably going to be facing some truly hard times and bloody ones, in the near future. See:

All the best,